lundi 31 décembre 2012

December's mail

Today is the last day of 2012! Yes, already, can you believe it?
My last post of the year will be the monthly mail stats! :) December was a really little mail month, I only got 4 letters!

(sorry, no picture this month, I completely forgot to take one! :S)

4 letters in 31 days, that means one letter a week only! Yes, really little mail month indeed. But that's kind of normal: I've been so behind with my mail lately, I owe letters to so many people! And when you don't send, you can't receive: pure logic! :D I'm catching up quite fast at the moment due to holidays, so I can hope for more mail  in January :)

Average distance travelled: 3344.75 km
Shortest distance travelled: 597 km from Köln, Germany
Longest distance travelled: 10418 km from Melaka, Malaysia

I'll make another stats post with the mail stats of the whole year. I intended to post it today too but I don't have my letter notebook with me here so I don't remember how many letters I got and sent each month.

I hope you all had a nice December month, and I wish you tons of letters in 2013!
Love, Tári

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