dimanche 16 décembre 2012

Christmas challenge day 7-13-14-15-16

7- A detailed explanation of your house decor

I postponed this one because I hadn't decorated my house yet on December 7th, but now I have! So let me show you some pictures, it'd be better than a long and maybe not so clear explanation:
 My Christmas tree always look the same year after year but I still love it <3
There were some ornaments left, so I found them a use ;)
Nativity scene
A candlestick with a nice snowman :)
And last but not least, Santa! ;) This Santa is very old. It used to belong to my great grand father! I love it.

13- The best Christmas gift ever received

I think it was the gift I received when I was 6 (well, almost 7, as I was born in January): my very first bike! Actually, I had a bike before but it was a children's bike, with 3 wheels, to learn more easily. I was soooo happy to finally get a real bike because I had been wanting one for very long! And this year the weather was pretty hot for December month (it was around 10°C I think), so I could try the bike right away! Ah, nice childhood memory :) Now this bike (which was red and yellow :) ) is hanging in the garage. My mother wanted to sell it but she never found someone who wanted to buy it. So she said it'll be for her grand children ^^

14- A Christmas wish

I don't wish for so many things for Christmas actually. I just want to spend a cosy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my dearest ones, and well, if it could snow that'd be more than awesome :D

15- Opinion on holiday weather? Ever seen snow?

Of course I've already seen snow! It's even my favourite weather! ;)
Well, as you probably know if you know me a little, I simply love winter and cold weather, however weird it can sound to you (I know most people prefer summer and can't stand temperature below 0°C) So the colder Christmas is, the happier I am! :D The perfect Christmas weather for me would be snow, much snow, and a temperature below 0°C, like -5°C. That'd be perfect :)
This is my Christmas dream :)

16- Your favourite Christmas sent

I'd say it's the smell of candles, when you've just blown them out. I've always had a soft spot for the smell of candles (I don't know why) and this smell is associated with Christmas in my mind because we always put candles on the table for Christmas Eve and Christmas day :)

Love, Tári

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  1. I love this series!
    But I could never ever describe our Christmas decorations that early - well, most of the decorations yes, but the tree never goes up before December 24th :)
    I hope you are doing well, good luck with your exam on Wednesday!

  2. First time i saw person who loves cold wether :) In Lithuania today a lot of snow, about -1 (but it feels like -18), and also a strong wind and snow storm... i love white Christmas but not so cold as this year. -5 and without such a strong wind in winter would be perfect for me also :)

    1. Haha yes, I know I'm weird ;) But winter without cold isn't winter, you know!

    2. oh... yes... i know it very well ;)


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