dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Christmas Challenge

I stole this from a fellow blogger, Mikaela (hope she doesn't mind!) I just so love Christmas that I couldn't miss taking part in this challenge!
As it's already December 9th (what, already?!) I'll catch up with the nine first entries in one post only. Ready? Here we go!

1. Your favourite Christmas tune

I guess it'd be "Jingle Bells" or "Vive le vent" as the French version says.

I guess this is my favourite Christmas song because when I was a child, in my village there was a jewellery store (yes, my village is tiny BUT there used to be a jewellery store :P) which put a HUGE Santa on the sidewalk near its door during Christmas time. And each time someone passed by the Santa started to "dance" and sing "Jingle Bells". I loved it so much and was constantly asking my mother to pass by the jewellery store. Unfortunately now this store is closed so there's no singing Santa any more in the village.

2. What you have for Christmas dinner

We always eat at my mother's cousin for Christmas and she always cooks something different, so I couldn't tell you what I always have for Christmas dinner. Yet there are some traditions :)

  • Foie gras. I have no idea how it's called in English. Literally translated it'd be "fat liver", which doesn't sound very tasty! :P Maybe a picture would explain better?
  • Turkey with chestnuts
  • Christmas cake
There are many different sorts of Christmas cakes, this one is just an example. But they all are log shaped because it reminds of the wooden logs you put in the fireplace in winter.

3. Your earliest Christmas memory

Maybe I have older memories, but I can't recall them, so, I guess I was 5 or 6, and what I mostly remember is that on the 24th, when I went to bed after the Christmas Eve dinner, I heard my mother asking my father to put the presents under the tree. That confirmed what I was already secretly thinking: Santa doesn't exist, and the presents are given by our families.

4. Top 3 favourite Christmas movies

The Nightmare before Christmas, Joyeux Noël (a French movie based on a true story, about the World War I Christmas truce)
And I can't recall of any third Christmas movie I liked.

5. The best Christmas ever experienced

I was 13 or 14 I guess... it was the first and only year we celebrated Christmas at my grandparents' and with my uncle, aunt and cousins. We had the traditional big dinner that lasts all the afternoon long, and then as my cousin had brought her laptop we had fun singing some Christmas songs (and other songs, too) on karaoke...  Great fun! :D
Usually we always celebrate Christmas at my mother's cousin's and it's a part of the family we actually see only for Christmas so I don't consider them as close family, although I like them as well. But it's not as much fun.

6. Santa believer? Why or why not?

I perfectly know that Santa doesn't exist. I mean, there's no big nice man dressed in red who comes at night with his sled and his reindeer to deliver presents to everyone. But I would call myself a Santa believer because in each of us, in our imaginary and dreams, Santa does exist :)

7. A detailed explanation of your house decor

I will postpone this one as I haven't decorated my home yet. I'll do next week end.

8. Your favourite Christmas drink

Hmmm... does tea count? Haha, just kidding :P I don't drink anything special for Christmas. The only Christmas drink I know is the hot wine they sell on Christmas markets, but I don't drink alcohol at all so I've never drunk hot wine on Christmas markets.

9. Your Christmas list

This year I can't think of anything special I'd like to get for Christmas. Really. I have everything already! So, my Christmas list is my book wishlist. But I won't post it here, because it's so long and I wouldn't like you to fall asleep before the end of this post! ;)

Love, Tári

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  1. My favourite Christmas film is "Love Actually". My husband also like it a lot, and usually we watch it every year during Christmas holidays. :)

    1. I've never seen Love Actually. But it sounds fun, maybe I should watch it after all ;)

  2. Dear Tari, thank you for this lovely post!:D I am amazed of those Christmas foods...:-p That cake.... OMG...:D

    May I answer a couple of questions on here? I would love to share!:D

    My favorite Christmas movie ever since childhood is Home Alone definitely!!!:D and also Home Alone: lost in New York. These movies are part of my childhood, my Christmas mood, a part of who I am...

    My favorite Christmas tune is O Holy Night. Just beautiful nice song.

    1. Thank you for sharing a few answers! You're very welcome :)
      O Holy Night is a nice song too. But actually all Christmas songs are nice, don't you think?

  3. I love Christmas too, so it was interesting to read about your traditions. I always love learning about how my penpals celebrate holidays. :)
    Foie gras is actually called the same thing in English, though its not a very common dish here.
    I was wondering if you have any suggestions for French christmas music (or French music in general) I should listen to? I think its a good way to learn language (we used to spend every friday listening to music and singing in my French class in high school) and I thought you might be a good person to ask (you know... being french and all!)
    Anyway, hope you're well!

    1. Sure, there are many French Christmas songs! Here are a few:

      These are just a few, there are many many more! :)


Thanks for your comment! :)