mardi 3 septembre 2013

Last letters of the summer!

Well, technically there's still 18 days till the end of the summer, but I personally consider that summer ends beginning of September since everyone's back home and school is about to start (I go back to uni on the 9th - and I'm not looking forward to that u_u). 

So, let's start autumn the best way possible... with letters! :D 

First here are the letters I wrote lately...

To Edyta, Poland. I wrote it weeks ago, she's already received it.
To Audrey, Germany (she has already received it too)
To Sille, Estonia
And to Sanna, Finland. These two letters haven't been received yet since I mailed them out yesterday only

On the incoming side, I haven't gotten much, but the three pieces of mail that hit my mailbox were awesome! I have so lovely friends ♥

A package from Andra, full of loveliness she bought for me in Turkey. Thanks again, my dear. I love everything ♥
A great first letter from Nina, Germany
And finally, three envelopes from the same girl, Lavendel in Norway
The purple one contained a (long) letter
The blue one contained cards
Aaand, the bubble one was filled with lavender tea samples! I had never heard about lavender tea, but it smells divine and I'm looking forward to trying it :)

That's all! I hope you're having a wonderful start of autumn, and good luck to all those who're starting again with school/uni/work at the moment :)

Love, Tári