dimanche 30 septembre 2012

September's mail

Damn, I can't believe time is flying so fast. Already the end of September! Anyways, it's now time for the monthly update :)

Finally September was a good mail month, although it started quite slowly. But in the end I received 15 letters, which is great! :D

Yes, there's only 14 letters featured on the pic. The 15th is actually a package and as I stored it in a different place, I forgot to add it when I took the picture :/

I got 15 letters, in 30 days, so 0.5 letter per day and exactly one letter every 2 days!
Average distance traveled: 2823 km
Shortest distance traveled: 485 km from Blaustein, Germany
Longest distance traveled: 10418 km from Melaka, Malaysia

By the way, have you noticed I changed everything in the layout of my blog? I even changed the name :D But to make things easier I didn't change the URL. And after all, I'm still a long letter lover, although my blog is now named "Me, my mail and I".
I hope you like the new visual side of the blog!

And I wish you a great October, with tons of adorable letters!
Love, Tári

I've got paper

Remember some time ago I asked you for advice about where I could find nice stationery. Thank you all for your piece of advice! Now I have so many places to check when I need new letter papers.
Out of all your suggestions I picked "briefpaperladen.de", or "letterpapershop.de" in English, to make an order. If you don't know this shop yet you really should have a look at it because there are really great designs!
I picked my order at the post office yesterday morning and was really happy about what I found in the parcel :)

This is the parcel ;)

First, the envelopes. They all have matching papers, that's great!

Two extra sheets, with nice drawings:

Autumn themed papers:

Winter themed papers:

I can't wait to use them for letters! I will first start with the Autumn themed ones, of course, although I'm veeeery impatient to use the winter ones! Winter is my favourite season (I think everyone already know that ^^)
Do you try to use papers matching the season for your letters?

Love, Tári

vendredi 28 septembre 2012

And now I'm behind...

Mail kept coming this week (I received a bit less letters than last week which was really a "mail boom", but I still got quite many letters), and on the other hand uni keeps getting me stressed and busy so it's not very good for letter productivity. I needed almost the entire week to write a single letter! (but it was LONG :D)

Okay, let's show this week's incoming :)
First a letter from Simona in Lithuania:
 I loved her little drawings to number the pages (you can see number 1 on the picture). And the stamp was lovely too! It fits perfectly with September month (back to school ;) )

Then two letters at once on Monday, first the letter from my Ukrainian pal Ksenia, that I thought had got lost (the letter, obviously, not Ksenia! ^^)

And a pink cute letter from Andra in Romania. It got a bit wet on the way but hopefully she wrote with a ball pen so the text did not disappear.
I loved the stamps on the envelope here too :)

And then on Thursday came a letter from Emelie in Norway:

Now my pile of letters awaiting for replies is 10 letters high... *sigh* I hope my penpals won't blame me if I'm late!

I only managed to write two letters this week.They're both long, however.
First is to my lovely Jenny N. in the Netherlands. On Autumn-ish paper, and I glued a Icelandic pic on the envelope because I know she misses Iceland:

And finally the letter I spent so much time working on: 21 A5 pages to Marie in Germany. I glued a Turkish picture on the envelope because she said in her previous letter that she loved Turkey.

That's all for the mail update this week! Before to end this post I just want to show a lil' extra picture I've taken last night. Enjoy ;)

Love, Tári

vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Mail boom!

Hej hej! (I began to learn Swedish last Monday and I'm so very enthusiastic about it that I felt like saying 'hello' to you in Swedish this time ;) )

Anyways. Me learning Swedish isn't the purpose of this post so let's go back to the topic: mail. After a veeery poor mail week last week, I experienced a mail boom this week! My mailbox was happy everyday! And me who was afraid I might fall out of things to write... :D

Let's show the mail now, uh?
So on Monday I got a package from Marie from Germany. I hadn't heard of her in quite long so I was very happy finding it in my mailbox! The bubble envelope (of which I haven't taken a picture because it was just an usual plain envie) contained:
 A postcard from her trip to Wien
Lots of tea (and of my favourite tea! *-*), plus a bookmark which is now my favourite in my collection. I have a soft spot for cats :3
A long lovely letter written on cute Alice in Wonderland stationery
The envelope containing the letter :) Have I ever mentioned I really like Alice in Wonderland?

Then on Tuesday it was a long letter from my lovely Tanja in Germany that fed my mailbox.
She also sent a postcard from her trip to Ireland. It sounds so beautiful there! *-* And I should remember to ask her where she found her stationery because it'd be EXACTLY the kind of paper I'm looking for!

No letters on Wednesday, but a card from Lavy in Norway who saw the Patrouille de France in Oslo and wrote me to tell me about it :)

On Thursday, after a terrible day at university, I've been cheered up by two letters (yay!) One is from my dear Teresa in the USA
She sent me a business card from a stationery shop in her town, Boston, plus a copy of her own illustration for Andersen's "The Princess and the Pea". We both love Hans Christian Andersen :) And she's so talented, I wish I could draw like her!

Second letter wasn't from China despite the Chinese themed paper ;) It was from Emmi in Finland
She also sent me a quick Finnish/Swedish lesson :)
And I loved the stamp on the envie. I'm actually wondering if there will one day be a Finnish stamp I DON'T like ^^

And finally, today (Friday) brought another two letters in my mailbox! (yeah, I told you it was a mail boom!) First from Heidi in Finland, with another great Finnish stamp, very autumn-like :)
The whole letter was autumn-like actually. And she made her letter as a book! How creative, I loved it!

(Ugh, my fingers look so weird...)

Aaaand, last but not least, a letter from Sille in Estonia, along with three postcards. One shows her university, and I'm jealous! It looks so great! Mine looks awful (and you would never find any postcards featuring it :P)
Yellow isn't my favourite color, but I really loved this yellow envie. Couldn't explain why though. But... it looks just so bright *-*

That's all for the incoming mail (it's already a lot! :D), now let's move on to the outgoing!
I wrote four letters this week. None of them was very long however.

The first is to Reetta in Finland (I think Finland is the country I have the most penpals from actually...)

Then to Jennifer in the UK (I know she has already received it, and so has Reetta actually). Both of these letters have been written on the same week end, I'm still self amazed of my productivity! :D

Then to Bruna in Brazil, on Winnie the Pooh paper...

And finally to Ingrid in the Netherlands, I made an autumn-like envelope :) And I forgot to take the picture before sealing the envie, so you can't admire my little doodlings on the paper, sorry! :S

That's all for today, I think it was an already big update! ^^ I now have quite a lot to write, hehe!
My week has been made of both ups and downs, and I'm now in a down, but I will still write this week end. Because even when I don't feel so great I feel like sharing what's in my mind with my penpals. That's what friends are meant for, right? Hearing and supporting you in any cases.
Do you also write when you don't feel in a cheerful mood?

mercredi 19 septembre 2012


Yes, exactly. I've been searching for hours and I still haven't found what I'm looking for :S Let me explain you my problem: I have some extra money from my summer jobs and I'd like to spend it on stationery (and also in books but it's not the purpose here ;) ) The problem is, I don't know where to buy it! I cam across several webstores but none has the kind of stationery I'm looking for D: 
So, maybe you can help me, dear reader? Tell me, where do you usually buy your writing paper?

Oh, maybe I should explain what kind of stationery I'm after, right? So...
  1. I'm not a fan of kawaii (and unfortunately almost all the letter paper shops I know are kawaii stores) Well, I like it, it's cute, but I wouldn't write all my letters on kawaii paper.
  2. I don't like Diddl either
  3. I write a lot, so I need big letters pads/letters sets. Most of those I saw only had 10 A5 sheets, when it wasn't 4 A5 sheets. I have never made a stat about how many pages my letters have in average (it would be no sense because the length varies depending which paper and which pen I use, sometimes my handwriting is bigger), however I'm sure that 90% of the letters I write are more than 4 A5 pages long. So what's the point in buying a letter set on which I can't even write one single letter?!
  4. I'd love to find paper with fairies, or seasonal themed papers. Paper with autumn or winter pictures would be great :)
Any advice for me? Thanks in advance!

Love, Tári

vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Last week of freedom...

The longest summer holidays of my whole life (May 10th-September 17th - so yes, 3 months, yay for university!) are about to come to an end so in the following weeks I'll probably be less letter-productive. I'm amazed at how much I wrote this week, I honestly didn't expect to write that much! But at least I'm almost all caught up before university and all its assignments, deadlines and other kind of awesome stuff begins, which is a very good thing :)

So, what did I write?
First, a letter to Maiju in Finland (which normally should already be in her hands)

The longest letter (of the week, obviously, not of my whole "career") is for Almante in Lithuania

Then I wrote to another Finn, Sanna. As I hadn't written to her since February, I told her about everything that has happened in my life since then... and I'm really surprised about how long it turned out to be! My life maybe isn't so boring in the end :P

The shortest letter is to Nora in Norway... Do you also feel terribly disappointed when your letter turns out to be very short?

And finally, an all pink letter on the way to Laura, USA:

Phew, I really wrote a lot! But I'm still in the mood to write even more, so I think I'll spend all my last week end of holidays writing. Yay! :D

Finally some mail, yay!

Yay! After a week without mail at all (except a stamp order), my mailbox finally was happy today! Not thanks to the piece of junk mail it got, but thanks to this:
A package from the Netherlands, from my dear Jenny N., aka the only person I've met so far who loves Northern Europe as much as I do ;)
She went on a trip to Norway and Sweden this summer (lucky her!), and she sent me few things she collected during this trip:
The pink sheet is her trip report, and inside were:
A lovely postcard from Stavanger
Brochures from all the places she visited
Transportation tickets she used

And of course, there also was a letter ;) She wrote on really lovely paper!
And on sheets was a lovely quote I had to share:
"Love is a handwritten letter on scented paper" Do you agree? I personally do :)

So, thank you very much, Jenny, for this awesome package! I only got one piece of mail this week, but what an amazing piece of mail! <3

As it's Friday I also have to make a post about my incoming/outgoing of the week. Well, I've already shared the incoming, so I'll do another post later with my outgoing. This one is already long enough ;)

mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Still no letters for me...

My mailbox hasn't been fed with a letter since last Saturday :( That's sad! Even though I shouldn't complain too much about it since I still have some letters to reply. But anyways, I miss something new to read! I don't like it when I find an empty mailbox for so many days in a row :(

However, my mailbox hasn't been empty everyday, because even though I haven't received any letters, I got my latest stamp order on Monday (I forgot to take pictures of the stamps before :S)

These ones commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 1st heart&lungs transplant in Europe. I found them too cute ;)

As everyone seemed to like the latest issue of Europa stamps (on theme "Visit France"), I re ordered a couple :)

I also re ordered a couple of the French stamps issue for Olympic Games, because I found them quite nice

And some random stamps I also ordered:

They should last me for one month (so till the middle of October), however regarding how fast I am to reply letters at the moment, maybe I'll need to buy some more before :S Yet university starts again on Monday, so from then on I'll probably be slower.

It's grey, cold and rainy today, so I'll probably stay at home and write more letters. Or do some cleaning. I should better do that actually! But... I'm a procrastinator and I don't like cleaning. So... I'm most likely to write ^^