vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Fairies in the mail

I've decided to be a little more organized and instead of uploading pictures of my mail randomly every now and then, I'll make a weekly post to show all I got and sent during the week. Of course sometimes I'll show a letter in a specific post if it's really a special letter, but otherwise all of them will be here.

Ok, now let's move on to the facts! Here's what I got this week: 3 letters, the first one is from Jennifer in the UK:

Then from Bruna in Brazil:
The envelope was beautiful inside!
And with my first Brazilian stamps. Nice ones :)

The third one came today in a beautiful handmade envelope:
It's from Ingrid in the Netherlands. She also sent me a postcard from her town, Zwolle, plus two tea bags (one is already drunk, haha!)

And now on to the outgoing mail, which give the title to this post because out of the 4 letters I sent this week, 3 are written on fairy stationery :)
The first is to Ramona in Germany:

Then another with the same paper (and the same envelope, too), to Francesca from Germany:

Another kind of fairies papers going to Simona in Lithuania:

These three ones were rather short letters, now I'm starting answering some longer ones, like the one to Louise in the UK. The number of pages isn't very impressive in itself (9A5 pages), but on this paper the lines are quite cramped and my handwriting was even smaller than usual so I could write a lot on each page.

That's all for this week's mail! By the way, my top 10 quirks have finally been published at Julie's, so if you want to know how quirky I am, you can click here :)

Love, Tári

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  1. Hi Tari! I saw your top ten quirks and you looked so interesting! I thought I would contact you and see if you might be up for a Californian pen pal! I'm female and 21. :) Email me and I will tell you some more!

  2. All your mail look's truly truly amazing pretty lovely special net looking. I am happy you got amazing mail week yay.


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