dimanche 31 mars 2013

March's mail

Hello everyone! Hope you had a happy Easter, and you're not sick because you've eaten too much chocolate! :D

As you may have noticed, there was no mail update this week. Simply because I didn't received nor sent any letter. BUT! I did get something in the mail! A postcrossing card from Russia. Although it's lovely, I think it wasn't worth making a whole post just for it, so I'm taking advantage of the monthly stats post to show it :)

And now, let's move on to the March's stats. I got nine letters this month, it was a rather slow mail month but as I went on a letter hiatus lately, that's just normal (if you don't send, you don't receive). 9 letters in 31 days means I got one letter every 3-4 days.

Average distance travelled: 2152 km
Shortest distance travelled: 597 from Köln, Germany
Longest distance travelled: 7855 km from Bauxite, Arkansas, USA

Wishing you a nice Easter Monday, and a lovely April month (hopefully with more sun than in March!)
Love, Tári

vendredi 22 mars 2013

Hey, it's Spring!

I've never know if the official date of the beginning of Spring was on the 20th or 21st of March. Anyway, today we're the 22th of March, so no doubt, Spring is here! I shall start using my Spring writing papers. Though I don't feel the "spring-spirit" so much yet since we're just coming out of a sudden "winter attack". I do like winter a lot, but now I want spring, sun, flowers, birds, etc back! Do you personally like spring?

Anyway. Let's move on to the mail. I got only one letter this week, from Reetta in Finland, all spring-themed :)
The stamp is also spring-ish ;)

Aaand, surprise! This week there also are some outgoing letters pictures! Yes, I managed to write two letters. Somehow my to-do list this week was kinda short (compared to how long it was the other weeks), so that means I could spare some time for my precious penpals :)

I first wrote to Simona in Lithuania:

And to Andra in Romania:

That's all for today! Hope you all are enjoying Spring! :)

Love, Tári

mardi 19 mars 2013

Follow me on Bloglovin

Well, it seems that Google Friend Connect will retire from July, which means you won't be able to follow any blogs with Blogger. So if you don't want to lose all the blogs you're currently following, I advise you to sign up on Bloglovin and import all your Google reader blogs there. It's very easy to do :)

You can find my Bloglovin profile here

vendredi 15 mars 2013

Next time I'm letter less...

... (if it ever happens!), I'll claim that I'm on a writing hiatus. Seriously, last week I informed my penpals that I was taking a break from letter writing because of my studies which are taking way too much of my time, and guess what? This week I've been literally spoiled with mail! And it's in fact always like that: when I'm lacking time for writing, I get much mail, and when I have all the time I want in my hands, I have a really small to-reply pile. Tell me, where's the logic? ^^

Anyway. Ready for the big incoming update? Let's go then!

First is a letter from Audrey in Germany:

Then came a letter from Sara in Italy:

Yesterday it was not only one but two letters which hit my mailbox! One was from Sofie in Sweden:
And the second was a long letter from Maiju in Finland!
With a Moomin stamp! *-*

And today I got two letters again! First from Olivera in Macedonia, her last letter was from about one year ago! :O But first she took a letter break when she spent several months in the USA last year, and then her letter to me got lost, and this one took nearly one month to reach me! So I was even more glad to catch up with her news! 

And finally, from Sille in Estonia!
The stamp couldn't be less Estonian ;)

And that's all. No outgoing mail this week, I only wrote half a letter to my Lithuanian pal. My to-reply folder is going to crack *sigh* 

Hope you all are doing fine, dear readers!
Love, Tári

vendredi 8 mars 2013

On a letter break :/

Hello hello! 
I'm probably going to be quite silent here for a little while because everything seems to be rushing at the moment at uni, and I prioritize uni work over letter writing, so that means I'm going on a letter break from now on, till the end of my semester (in the middle of May). I'll still write, but much less than usual.
So I'll continue to do my weekly mail updates on this blog, but they will mostly be incoming mail updates, and if I don't send many letters, I won't receive many either, so there will likely be weeks with no mail at all, that means no blog post. So if you don't read anything from me in several weeks, you'll know the reason!

Anyway, this week I did receive and send mail, so, let's move on to the mail call! :)

On the incoming board, I got two lovely orange envelopes, from two lovely girls, Shelby from the US, and Michi from Poland.
Let's start with Shelby's letter. I haven't heard from her since the summer and she lost my letter when she moved so she wrote me a brand new letter to tell me about all her news. Nice to catch up! :)

As for Michi's letter, she sent me a beautiful hand decorated envelope, as always (this girl is so creative! If I could have at least half of her skills...)

Look at the little gift she included! Perfect for the book-aholic I am *-*
And a Valentine's card. I don't like Valentine's Day, but I love Michi so I love the card ;)

Then I received a postcard from my lovely pal Teresa who was in NYC for her birthday!

And today I went to pick a package at the post office, it's a swap from Germany. I took part in a "wish list swap", basically, it's: you wish for at least 6 items and the person who can fullfill them claims you as their swap partner. My wishes included (among others) pens, letter paper and nailpolish and this is what I received!
The picture she attached on the envelope was really beautiful, too:
(I actually don't like receiving swaps in pretty envelopes because then I don't want to throw them away... although I should, because there's no point in keeping them. I think I really have a hoarding problem :P )

Last week end I was still on holidays so I managed to actually write two letters before things started rush from Tuesday on:
I first wrote to Teja in Slovenia (I think it's the last time I use my winter paper this year because the weather is turning spring-ish now)

And a long letter to Almante in Lithuania!

That's all for today! Till next time... hopefully next week :)
Love, Tári

vendredi 1 mars 2013

Productive mode on !

Be ready, this post will be picture heavy ! I received quite a lot of various mail this week, and I also wrote a lot (yay for being on holidays !) By the way, my holidays are nearly over, I start again at uni on Monday, and I haven't seen them flying by ! Good times always run to fast, don't you agree ?

Anyway, starting with the mail, here's what I got all along the week : 

First, a letter from my lovely German pal Tanja ! On snowflakes paper, adorable <3

Then came a long and thought provoking letter from Ksenia in Ukraine. She also sent a postcard featuring Ukrainian traditional costume:

No more letters for this week, BUT my mailbox didn't remain empty either !  Yesterday I got a pen through a swap. I really love it, but it seems that for some reasons the sorting machine got angry at it. At least they ate half of the envelope and of the little not from my swap partner :(

This day there also was a package in my mailbox, containing a book I ordered online.
When I first saw the package, I thought it was from abroad (and then you had me thinking "but who on Earth could have sent me a package ??"), because I didn't recognized the stamps were French ones. In fact, they're old French ones, from the 90's. Their facial value is in francs, our former currency before we switched to euros (in 2002). How awesome ! I didn't know it was still possible to use these old stamps, actually (and I also didn't know it was still possible to buy some)
Take a closer look at them !
By the way, I know there are fellow bookworms among my readers, so I bet you're curious about what book it is I've ordered, right ? Here it is : Karin Alvtegen's "Missing". Have any of you already read it ? (if so, I want to hear your opinion about it, please !)

And finally, the mail of today : a tea swap from Belgium ! Look at the nice envelope ! 
And my partner really spoiled me (as we had to send 20 g of tea, that is to say 5-6 tea bags). I can't wait to try all these flavours, they sound delicious ! 

Now on to the outgoing mail. As I said earlier I've been really productive this week !  I've completed 5 letters and I'm even going to start a new one as soon as I'm done with writing this blog post (and with eating my dinner, too ;) )
I first wrote to Ilga in Germany :

Then to Anne Mette in Denmark :

To Jenny in the Netherlands : 

To Sille in Estonia (I wrote it in one afternoon only, my quickness even impressed myself !)

And finally to Reetta in Finland ! 

Aaaand... I guess that's all for today !  Oh, wait, I have something else to show you ! (I hope you haven't fallen asleep yet...) I re organized my letter box, moved out all the letters from ex-penpals (I could fill a whole bag with them, which made me feel a little sad, but well... my closest penpals still remain, so...), and stored all the letters from current penpals in little plastic bags, one for each penpal. 
How do you store your received letters ? 

Love, Tári