vendredi 31 août 2012

Bye bye piles of mail!

So here we go, summer is over for me. I'm back for good in my student apartment, back to checking the mail every day. Although I missed my mailbox a lot during the long periods away from it when at my mother's these holidays, it was so great finding a fuuuull mailbox when coming here, and then spending hours (and cups of tea! ^^) reading all the mail. So I think I'll miss piles of mail, somehow. But well, I'm not saying goodbye to them forever, there will be other summers :)

Okay, enough rambling, let's move on to the facts! I bet you're curious to see what my last pile of mail for this summer contained, aren't you?

So, I was greatly surprised when I opened my mailbox today, because it was way fuller than I was expecting! And funny, the letters that were in weren't those I was expecting, for the most of them :D

First one was one I was expecting, though, it's from Louise in the UK

Then comes a long letter (25 pages!) from Maiju in Finland. And it's only her second letter, so that let me have great expectations for our upcoming letters :)
Lovely Moomin stamp! (the Moomins are my favourite cartoon characters)

Then comes an even longer letter from my lovely Almante in Lithuania. It has 28 pages! And a beautiful postcard showing several Lithuanian cities. I tried to take a closer picture of it but each time the bloody flashlight ruined the pic >.<"

 Next is a letter I wasn't expected at all, from Sanna in Finland. I hadn't heard of her since February and was starting to think she would never ever write me back, but I'm really happy it's not the case! She was just busy with writing her thesis, and then with her vacations activities :)
She sent me her self made postcards from her trip to Åland islands, they're lovely! I want to go there, too!
And another nice Finnish stamp on the envie. Not that I'm a fan of ice hockey, but this stamp is funny :)

A cute handmade envelope came from Nora in Norway, my youngest penpal (12 y/o):
And what's inside: a letter (of course ^^), a tea, some transportation tickets and stickers :)

I also got a green envelope from Lavy in Norway. I wasn't expecting this one at all! I thought that she was another of these persons who never reply first letters, but no :) I was really glad to find this envie!
The green envie contained several postcards, including some from France as she went on holidays in my country (by the way, sorry for the flashlight on the Oslo card >.<"), and an other green envelope...
... which contained another card, with cute sheep :) She sent this card to tell me she wasn't forgetting me, but just haven't found time to reply me yet. That's such a nice intention! :)

Look at this cute envelope!
It's from Laura in the USA. And it contained lots of green&white pages, plus two teas! I've never drunk Chai Black so far, so I'm impatient to try it!

And finally, my last letter of the summer is from a Finnish girl, Reetta! She wrote on very cute paper :)
And another beautiful Finnish stamp! Do someone else agree that Finland is the country with the most beautiful stamps?

That's all! I should also write my August stats post today, but well, it's too late now for that, I'll do tomorrow! Good night everyone! :)

mercredi 22 août 2012

It was worth waiting

I wrote my first letter to Tao... when was it? Around Christmas time I guess. And the reply only came yesterday! So, yes, she made me wait really long. But I don't mind that much, she had good reasons, and I so enjoyed her letter that it was definitely worth the wait! Tao, if you ever read this, let me tell you that you're all forgiven!

Already the envelope was great:

 Sure I will :)

Then, I hid the letter in a bag because I didn't want to read it right away. As this morning I took the train, I wanted to read it then. It was hard to resist the temptation all yesterday long, but I managed to do! Well, I already waited 8 months for this letter, so I could wait one more day again.

And when I (finally) opened it, I first found some information about the city where she lives, plus a postcard

Aaaaaand.... finally time to read the letter came! It was really enjoyable! 

Well, I like receiving fast replies, but I think you enjoy a reply even more, when you've waited long for it. Don't you agree? (but dear penpals, it does not mean you have to take ages to reply to my letters!! :D )

samedi 18 août 2012

When the spirit of write moves me...

then I am super productive! After a little period when I wasn't in the mood to write really, the writing spirit came back to me, finally, and I wrote, wrote and wrote again, all the week long. There were 7 letters waiting for a reply on my pile, I wrote them all. In one week. 7 letters in one week, that's quite a high productivity rate, don't you think?

I first wrote a letter to Teja in Slovenia, I tried several times to decorate the envelope myself but couldn't do anything good, so I ended up picking one of the envelopes I ordered recently:

For this letter to my penpal Klaudija in Lithuania I decorate the paper myself with a drawing like this one on each page:

Then it was Marita from Norway's turn...

During my "in the mood for making envelopes" period I designed some air mail envies, they will fly to Tanja in Germany and Shelby in the USA:

Air mail again, but paper this time! To Kate in the Czech Republic:

I was somehow running out of ideas for this envelope! :< Hope Jennifer will like it anyways!

So that was my latest outgoing mail! Nice bunch of letters isn't it? :)

Love, Tári

vendredi 17 août 2012

Mail is piling up again! :)

Got to check the mailbox again - just on the right time, I wrote the last letter in my pile yesterday! I'll make a post about my outgoing letters either later today or tomorrow. I was needed something new to write, and wasn't disappointed when opening my mailbox! 8 letters were there (plus two postcards but it doesn't count as they won't bring me something new to write ^^)

So, let's have a look at all these letters, okay?
First is from Bree in Malaysia, a letter I thought has got lost. But finally, it hasn't :) I like when the story ends this way! I'm still wondering what happened to this poor piece of mail though, it seems to have a little suffered in its journey D:
She included a little bookmark (I think it's one, at least I will use it as a bookmark! XD), and little tourists informations about her city, very interesting.
And, as I won a giveaway on her blog some time ago, she sent me the items I won along with her letter. Cute envelopes, and two sets of stickers :)

Second is a beautiful (as always!) letter from Michi. Look at her awesome fairies drawings on the envelope!
There were some fairies drawn on the paper too *-* And she also sent me a postcard, some tea, and a list of her latest likes, which I really enjoy! It's a good idea of something to send along with a letter ^^

Then, a letter from Teresa in the USA. Such a nice envelope, look out!
Her handwriting is always so tiny, but I love it! :)
And, look at her funny "Ice Age" drawing at the end of her letter!

From Andra in Romania then, a pink Winnie the Pooh letter :)
I loved the stamp ^-^

And then comes a letter from my Ukrainian pal Ksenia, with the latest Ukrainian Europa stamp, as she promised me.
Long and very interesting letter, as always. The bunny on the envelope is so cute!

Letter from Sille in Estonia, with a tea :)

A cute letter from Emmi in Finland :) I liked the owl and the mermaid sticker on the envelope.

And last but not least, letter from my German pal Ramona! Our letters are becoming longer and longer, which I love.

So, now I'll give my wrist a little break because I've been writing a lot this last week, but soon I'll start working having fun again!

With love, Tári

mercredi 15 août 2012

Envelopes party!

I'm still in the mood for making envelopes, and then I realized that the free magazine I took at the railway station in Geneva was perfect for making envelopes. It has nice pics, and the paper isn't too thin, so, as I said, perfect ^^

Look out :)

Some of them I already know whom I'll send them to.
This one shows a market in Zurich so it'll be for my Dutch penpal Jenny because she's half Swiss and born in Zurich.

This one, with a train on the back, will be for my lovely Almante from Lithuania, because I know she loves trains

And this one is not exactly made of a magazine page, but I cut a pic in this magazine and glued it on an envelope which will be for my Ukrainian pal Ksenia, because I know she has a weakness for old trains

Tell me, do you like them? And for my penpals, if there's one you'd like me to send your next letter in, just tell me! Your wish will be my command! :D

vendredi 10 août 2012

Not really in a writing mood, but...

I'm in the mood for making envelopes! On a blog (which one? I don't remember!) I saw an envelope made of a music sheet and I thought I could do something similar, too. As I'm a musician I have quite a lot of music sheets at home so I made a copy of some of them and fold them as envelopes. And the result is quite nice :)

As I said in the title of this post, I'm not really in a writing mood at the moment, however I don't want to get in too much delay in my letter writing, I "forced" myself to write a little bit every day anyways, and I managed to fill all the music envies I made.

So, here they are:
The first one is not a penpal letter, it's on its way to Canada to reach Julie from Penpal of the Week. I (finally) managed to write down my top 10 quirks! I wanted to do that for quite long!

Then I wrote a letter to Jenny in the Netherlands. As I was in Switzerland last week and Jenny's half Swiss, and wanted to send her letter from Geneva, but I didn't managed to finished the letter before my trip :/

Then come two letters to Finland: to my penpals Reetta and Maiju

That's all for today! I hope my writing spirit will come back soon, I still have a bunch of letters to answer!