mercredi 22 août 2012

It was worth waiting

I wrote my first letter to Tao... when was it? Around Christmas time I guess. And the reply only came yesterday! So, yes, she made me wait really long. But I don't mind that much, she had good reasons, and I so enjoyed her letter that it was definitely worth the wait! Tao, if you ever read this, let me tell you that you're all forgiven!

Already the envelope was great:

 Sure I will :)

Then, I hid the letter in a bag because I didn't want to read it right away. As this morning I took the train, I wanted to read it then. It was hard to resist the temptation all yesterday long, but I managed to do! Well, I already waited 8 months for this letter, so I could wait one more day again.

And when I (finally) opened it, I first found some information about the city where she lives, plus a postcard

Aaaaaand.... finally time to read the letter came! It was really enjoyable! 

Well, I like receiving fast replies, but I think you enjoy a reply even more, when you've waited long for it. Don't you agree? (but dear penpals, it does not mean you have to take ages to reply to my letters!! :D )

6 commentaires:

  1. Very lovely mail you have got <3

  2. It's really funny title for the music in polish! :D

  3. So, what does it mean, Rémo? You got me curious now!

  4. The music is |D"""
    I'm so sorry, I have no other music sheets at home |D"""""

    But I'm happy that you enjoyed my letter! :3

  5. Btw. there was only one stamp on the envelope? o_o It was a bit heavier than normal letter so there sould be also 1zł stamp on it o_o

  6. Yes, there was only one stamp on the envelop. I guess someone removed the second one D:


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