vendredi 31 août 2012

Bye bye piles of mail!

So here we go, summer is over for me. I'm back for good in my student apartment, back to checking the mail every day. Although I missed my mailbox a lot during the long periods away from it when at my mother's these holidays, it was so great finding a fuuuull mailbox when coming here, and then spending hours (and cups of tea! ^^) reading all the mail. So I think I'll miss piles of mail, somehow. But well, I'm not saying goodbye to them forever, there will be other summers :)

Okay, enough rambling, let's move on to the facts! I bet you're curious to see what my last pile of mail for this summer contained, aren't you?

So, I was greatly surprised when I opened my mailbox today, because it was way fuller than I was expecting! And funny, the letters that were in weren't those I was expecting, for the most of them :D

First one was one I was expecting, though, it's from Louise in the UK

Then comes a long letter (25 pages!) from Maiju in Finland. And it's only her second letter, so that let me have great expectations for our upcoming letters :)
Lovely Moomin stamp! (the Moomins are my favourite cartoon characters)

Then comes an even longer letter from my lovely Almante in Lithuania. It has 28 pages! And a beautiful postcard showing several Lithuanian cities. I tried to take a closer picture of it but each time the bloody flashlight ruined the pic >.<"

 Next is a letter I wasn't expected at all, from Sanna in Finland. I hadn't heard of her since February and was starting to think she would never ever write me back, but I'm really happy it's not the case! She was just busy with writing her thesis, and then with her vacations activities :)
She sent me her self made postcards from her trip to Åland islands, they're lovely! I want to go there, too!
And another nice Finnish stamp on the envie. Not that I'm a fan of ice hockey, but this stamp is funny :)

A cute handmade envelope came from Nora in Norway, my youngest penpal (12 y/o):
And what's inside: a letter (of course ^^), a tea, some transportation tickets and stickers :)

I also got a green envelope from Lavy in Norway. I wasn't expecting this one at all! I thought that she was another of these persons who never reply first letters, but no :) I was really glad to find this envie!
The green envie contained several postcards, including some from France as she went on holidays in my country (by the way, sorry for the flashlight on the Oslo card >.<"), and an other green envelope...
... which contained another card, with cute sheep :) She sent this card to tell me she wasn't forgetting me, but just haven't found time to reply me yet. That's such a nice intention! :)

Look at this cute envelope!
It's from Laura in the USA. And it contained lots of green&white pages, plus two teas! I've never drunk Chai Black so far, so I'm impatient to try it!

And finally, my last letter of the summer is from a Finnish girl, Reetta! She wrote on very cute paper :)
And another beautiful Finnish stamp! Do someone else agree that Finland is the country with the most beautiful stamps?

That's all! I should also write my August stats post today, but well, it's too late now for that, I'll do tomorrow! Good night everyone! :)

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  1. Awesome pile of mail! I totally agree with you that Finland is the country with the most beautiful stamps! And cute stamps too. :3 Btw I've finished your reply :) Will send it Monday!

  2. You got a lot of nice letters and post cards. I love the sheep post card best of all.


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