jeudi 31 mai 2012

May's mail

May 31st, already!? Well, time for the monthly post then!

May definitely was a good mail month. I got 15 letters!

15 letters, that means 0.48 letters per day, or around a letter every 2 days.
Average distance traveled: 2544.27 km
Shortest distance traveled: 755 km, from Eraclea, Venice, Italy
Longest distance traveled: 8973 km from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wishing you a nice June month, full of mail! <3

Greetings from Annecy!

Hmm, well, not exactly, as I'm back now, but today I had a day trip in Annecy! It's a lovely town in Savoy, not so far from Switzerland, and about 150 km away from Lyon, where I live.
It's famous for its lake, where I spent quite a lot of the day, actually.
Here are some pictures I took:

Too bad I didn't bring some letters with me, because it would have been so great to write there!

So after spending some time enjoying the sun (and getting sun burnt >.<) I walked around the city and found some interesting things...

First, postcards. They're so cheap there! I got these 10 cards for only 3.50 euros! When I buy postcards in Lyon, I pay 1 euro per card, so for 10 cards I would have paid 10 euros.
I'll send them with the 10 next letters I'll write :)

Second, a lovely tea shop where I found my favourite kind of tea: rooibos tea. It's so damn hard to find some, usually.

And lastly, I found stationery! Two nice letters sets. And I paid only 4 euros for these 2 boxes! So great!

Sounds like I will definitely do back to Annecy one day... :)

mardi 29 mai 2012

Letter writing party (the end)

I kept on writing these last days and finally I'm all caught up! Here are the four letters that were left in my pile:

Lighthouses to Norway:

I really like this envelope but I wouldn't know how to describe it. I mean, I don't really know what's the theme of the design :S Anyways, it's currently travelling to Italy:

Orange flowers on the way to Poland:

And the last one is an air mail envie, flying to Brazil!

I didn't expect to be so fast with all these replies! Anyways, that was a great letter writing party. Definitely my favourite kind of parties, hehe! 
Now I'm gonna give my wrist a break before starting replying to the three letters I found in my mailbox this morning!

Dear mailbox, I missed you!

Today I was back at my apartment after spending two weeks at my mom's and guess what was the first thing I did when arriving home? Yes, you're right: checking the mailbox! :D Only 3 letters were in, that's not many considering I've been away for 2 weeks, but actually, I wasn't expecting many more as I've been spoiled just before leaving.

Here's the incoming mail:

The green envie on top is from Slovenia. It contained the latest birthday present I've ever received! (I was born in January ^^) But I absolutely looove it! It's rooibos tea (one of my favourites, sadly I have the biggest troubles finding some in France :/ ) And it's called "the tea of elves"! That's why my penpal Teja immediately thought about me when finding this tea (for those who didn't know it yet, my nickname Tári is an elvish name)

She also enclosed a postcard from her last trip to Hungary. Put all together, it makes a really nice letter! I also really like her drawings to decorate the papers:
Thousands thanks my dearest! <3

The pink envie is from Sille, Estonia:

And the last one (another green envie), is from Jennifer in the UK! With a tea bag I'll probably drink this evening:

So finally I'll have something to write in the following weeks, as I'm now all caught up with the big pile I had at the beginning of my vacations.

Hope all of you had nice mail days lately!

vendredi 25 mai 2012

And the party keeps going...

Hello folks! How are you all doing?
I haven't post anything here in ages, sorry. I was too much busy with my letter writing party, hehe!

Yesterday I mailed out this pile of letters you can see on the picture above. Seven letters. Written in only one week, so it means I wrote one letter a day. It's a record! But when it keeps raining outside, you've already read all the books you had and you can't borrow new ones from the library because buses are on strike and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, obviously you are very productive ^^

So let's see what this pile contains:
First, a flowered envelope to the Netherlands:

A really summer themed envie going to the cold Northern Norway:

The heaviest envelope is on its way to Ukraine:

Coffee themed letter to the USA. I'm not a fan of coffee, but I found the design nice:

A cute bear eating watermelon is currently travelling to Lithuania:

Purple letter to Sweden:

And last but not least, a shining sun is going to Germany:

Phew! That's a lot of mail, for sure! And the party is not over yet! I still have 4 letters waiting. Considering how fast I am to write at the moment, they will probably go out within next week. I'm such in a great writing mood, I don't think I've ever written so much in so little time ;)

As I told you in my previous post, I want to teach myself calligraphy this summer. I'm just starting... and it's damn hard! I have big troubles to hold the nib holder correctly. The first pictures of my "art" will come soon, but I'm still not satisfied enough with what I've done to show it...

mardi 15 mai 2012

My first letter from South America! (and some other random stuff)

Today my mailbox got the visit from a letter from South America for the first time. It was a Brazilian letter, from my new pal Bruna from Rio de Janeiro. It was a lovely letter, but sadly, the first page was glued to the envelope :S So I had to totally destroy this poor envie to pick the paper without damaging it too much T.T That's a shame, I always keep the envelopes with my letters so I always take care of them when opening them.
Anyways, hopefully the content is safe!

Another letter to add to the letter writing party! Which has already started, actually :) I wrote 3 letters in 4 days, I could even have written 4 letters in 4 days if another event yesterday didn't change my plans.
So here is the latest outgoing:

Dragonflies to Germany:

Green bubbles to Finland:

Sweet little bear to Estonia:

I still have 10 more letters to write, yay! Don't stop the party! :D

And today I bought my calligraphy equipment! A nib-holder + 3 nibs, and ink. And I borrowed a calligraphy book at the library. I'm ready to start! It's so exciting! I'll post pictures of my first tries once I'll be satisfied enough to show them ;)

Hope your mailboxes were happy today, dear followers! <3

vendredi 11 mai 2012

Almost full mail week!

My penpals keep spoiling me at the moment! :D This week my mailbox was happy almost every day.

On Monday came a letter from Emelie, my new Swedish pal I met through Facebook:

Tuesday was a day off (on May 8th we celebrate the end of the second world war in France)

Wednesday, coming back home after an exam, I found a letter from the always lovely Norwegian Marita :) She showed me pictures of her new house, it sounds a little paradise:

Thursday, empty mailbox.

And on Friday (today), my dear mailbox was super happy! Two letters, from Sara in Italy and Michi in Poland, along with 3 tea bags, they will be highly appreciated during the letter writing party I'll start this week end ;)
Look at Michi's amazing drawing on the envelope! I wish I had so awesome drawing skills...

So much mail I got these last weeks! I guess I should expect empty weeks to come soon, as all my pals seem to have decided to reply at the same time...
Now that I'm officially on Summer holidays (yes, already in May |D) I'll start my letter writing party! I actually already wrote a letter yesterday evening (but forgot to take a picture of it before mailing it out this afternoon). Today I'm giving my wrist a little break (I wrote a lot during these exams) and the party will start this week end! My pile is 12 letters high now so I'll have lots of fun, hehe!

Wishing you tons of nice mail, people!

jeudi 10 mai 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #4

I'm back with my challenge... let's go for the fourth part!

  1. Your childish mind will love penpalling: you can use stickers, felt-tip pens, draw little things next to the text...
  2. Letters writers aren't desperate when their computer breaks down. They still can communicate with their far away friends. Emailers can't.
  3. If I wasn't snail mailing, I wouldn't wake up every morning in front of lovely postcards from all over the world.
  4. I've learnt lots of things since I started snail mailing: It's more expensive to send a letter to Norway, than to Sweden, because Norway doesn't belong to the European Union. Estonia uses Euro, too. I know the trip of a letter to reach its recipient (just few examples)
  5. If you think you need to have a beautiful handwriting to write a letter, you're wrong. Snail mail will make you practice it, thus improve it.
  6. If you like shopping, snail mail offers you new items to look for in the shops: stationery, pens, stamps...
  7. Snail mail is a hobby that leads you to other hobbies: learning calligraphy, creating envelopes... You never get bored when you're into penpalling!
  8. I guess no one reads and re reads old emails hundreds of times, while every letters writer likes to re read old letters every now and then.
  9. Snail mail is an addiction. But it's an addiction that has no bad consequences on your health.
  10. Writing letters is a bit like writing your diary: you write about you, your life, your sorrows... but your diary can't answer your questions, neither help you. Your penpal can.

dimanche 6 mai 2012

I'm shocked D:

Who's damaging my mail? Last week I've already found a letter open in my mailbox (hopefully nothing was missing), and today I received a letter in this yellow plastic bag you can see on the picture above. Why was it in this bag? Because the envelope was torn. Literally. Look out:



Really, I'm shocked, and I'm pissed off. What's happening to my mail? Why don't I get it in one piece?
Anyways, I'm glad to finally have gotten this letter from my Lithuanian pal, as it traveled longer than usual so I was starting to worry about it. I hope nothing is missing!

Has it already happened to you, dear followers, receiving letters open or torn?

Have a nice week! <3

vendredi 4 mai 2012

Full mail week

This week was one of the rare weeks during which I get mail every day. I actually can't remember the last time such a good mail week happened. Too bad it happens just during an exam period. Now I have a huge pile of letters waiting to be replied...

So, on Monday I got two letters from Estonia and Netherlands, both of them including a tea bag but I've already drunk them, hehe

Tuesday was a day off in France, so the mailman (or the mail lady, it's a women who delivers the mail in my area) didn't come.

Wednesday brought a letter from Lise, along with a postcard from Nordland, a region in Northern Norway, where she lives, and two teabags (this time I managed to take the pic before drinking them)

Ksenia's long letter came on Thursday. I found the envelope so cute :) And she also enclosed a tea bag! Haha, my penpals all know about my love for tea ;)

And today (Friday) my mailbox has been fed with a letter from Shelby, my new penpal from the USA. The only letter of the week without a tea bag, hehe.

My pile of letters to reply is 10 letters high at the moment. Urgh D: Yet I'm not expecting so much mail next week (I just know there's a letter from Lithuania on my way, and maybe a letter from Holland, too), so the pile should stop growing. Not that I'm complaining about getting mail, not at all, but it's stressing when you've such a big pile of letters to reply and so little time because of studies.

Anyways, at the beginning of the week I took some days off from studying (I guess I deserved a break after being done with the first and main part of my exams), and I managed to write two letters:

The first one is to Marie in Germany. Be prepared for lots of pages, dear ;)

And this orange envelope goes to the lovely Annalise in England:

And now, let's go back to studies! Once I'll be done with all my exams I won't have a crazy party with alcohol, cigarettes and such as a lot of my classmates are planning to have, but a letter writing party! Much more fun, believe me! :D