jeudi 10 mai 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #4

I'm back with my challenge... let's go for the fourth part!

  1. Your childish mind will love penpalling: you can use stickers, felt-tip pens, draw little things next to the text...
  2. Letters writers aren't desperate when their computer breaks down. They still can communicate with their far away friends. Emailers can't.
  3. If I wasn't snail mailing, I wouldn't wake up every morning in front of lovely postcards from all over the world.
  4. I've learnt lots of things since I started snail mailing: It's more expensive to send a letter to Norway, than to Sweden, because Norway doesn't belong to the European Union. Estonia uses Euro, too. I know the trip of a letter to reach its recipient (just few examples)
  5. If you think you need to have a beautiful handwriting to write a letter, you're wrong. Snail mail will make you practice it, thus improve it.
  6. If you like shopping, snail mail offers you new items to look for in the shops: stationery, pens, stamps...
  7. Snail mail is a hobby that leads you to other hobbies: learning calligraphy, creating envelopes... You never get bored when you're into penpalling!
  8. I guess no one reads and re reads old emails hundreds of times, while every letters writer likes to re read old letters every now and then.
  9. Snail mail is an addiction. But it's an addiction that has no bad consequences on your health.
  10. Writing letters is a bit like writing your diary: you write about you, your life, your sorrows... but your diary can't answer your questions, neither help you. Your penpal can.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love number 10 :D it's completely true, in fact all of these reasons are great and also reasons why I love to snail mail.

  2. I;m protesting against number 2! I AM desperate when the computer goes down XD

  3. But it doesn't prevent you from writing letters ;)

  4. totally agree with number 10 and 8! I often re read my old letters! and it's so much fun everytime! :)


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