mardi 29 mai 2012

Dear mailbox, I missed you!

Today I was back at my apartment after spending two weeks at my mom's and guess what was the first thing I did when arriving home? Yes, you're right: checking the mailbox! :D Only 3 letters were in, that's not many considering I've been away for 2 weeks, but actually, I wasn't expecting many more as I've been spoiled just before leaving.

Here's the incoming mail:

The green envie on top is from Slovenia. It contained the latest birthday present I've ever received! (I was born in January ^^) But I absolutely looove it! It's rooibos tea (one of my favourites, sadly I have the biggest troubles finding some in France :/ ) And it's called "the tea of elves"! That's why my penpal Teja immediately thought about me when finding this tea (for those who didn't know it yet, my nickname Tári is an elvish name)

She also enclosed a postcard from her last trip to Hungary. Put all together, it makes a really nice letter! I also really like her drawings to decorate the papers:
Thousands thanks my dearest! <3

The pink envie is from Sille, Estonia:

And the last one (another green envie), is from Jennifer in the UK! With a tea bag I'll probably drink this evening:

So finally I'll have something to write in the following weeks, as I'm now all caught up with the big pile I had at the beginning of my vacations.

Hope all of you had nice mail days lately!

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  1. Teja is another pal we share :) I love her drawings she did on my last letter. You got some cute mail.

  2. Wow really nice looking cute sweet letters.


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