samedi 29 juin 2013

Ready for some mail?

Hello there! 
I usually make my mail updates here on the blog on Fridays, but I wasn't at home all week long and only came back today, so I didn't check the mailbox before and therefore couldn't show you my incoming mail. Which isn't much, actually: only one letter hit my mailbox this week. Actually, I'm pretty glad about not getting much mail at the moment, because it means my to-reply pile is decreasing! Yay!

So the incoming letter was from Maiju in Finland. Long letter, as usual ;)

On the outgoing side, I did write quite a lot this week. Okay, most of these letters were pretty short, but still! Four letters in only one week, when was it that it last happened?

To Reetta, Finland (she's already received it)
To Louise, UK
To Bruna, Brazil
And last but not least, to Heidi, Finland!

Today I bought myself a bookshelf! Yeah, I eventually have a REAL bookshelf and I can store all my books in the same place instead of having them lying in random piles everywhere in the apartment. And I also realized I still have quite much room left for new books. Good to know for future shopping sprees, hehe :D

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! I must say I enjoy it much more now that the heat wave has ended. I just hope it won't strike again... 

And I'm ending this post with a little reminder that you have to follow me with Bloglovin' if you want to continue being updated of my posts here because Google Friend Connect will retire in July, that means very, very soon! 

Love, Tári

vendredi 21 juin 2013

First June letters!

Yeah, I needed to wait till June 19th to eventually receive a letter this month. But it isn't so bad, at least I can decrease my to-reply pile :) I'm in a great writing mood at the moment, as you'll see later in this post when I show you my outgoing mail.

BUT, before, let's start with the two lovely letters I received this week!

From Audrey, Germany
And from Sanna, Finland

I also received a nice postcard from my penpal Laura from the USA

So. As I said, I did write quite a bunch of letters lately. Actually, I'm showing you all the letters I wrote the two past weeks since I didn't do any mail update here last Friday (as you may have noticed ;) )

At first I was tempted to send every letters together when I'm done with repling all my pending mail, just so I could enjoy the lovely feeling of being all caught up (which I haven't felt for... an eternity ^^). But in the end I thought that my adorable penpal have already been waiting for me for months and definitely don't deserve extra waiting weeks, so I ran to the post office as soon as I sealed the envelopes :)

To Sofie, Sweden
To Maiju, Finland
To Olivera, Macedonia
To... someone :D I took part in a random letter exchange and must not reveal the name of my partner before she gets the letter. To be honest I'm not so enthusiastic about the partner I got, but who knows, I might be nicely surprised when (and if) she writes me back! Let's be optimistic ^^
To Sille, Estonia
And eventually, a thank you card to Caddi who sent me air mail stickers two weeks ago.

The weather has been so hot lately (we reached temperatures like +35°C), that I didn't get much work done actually. So now that we eventually have lower temperatures, I have to motivate myself to do some much needed housework. BUT, before leaving you, let me show you the wonderful gift I got from a friend of mine who's been to London:

A book journal! I mean, how awesome is that?!
Alright. Time to go and clean the floor. Have a lovely week-end, dear readers! :)
Love, Tári

vendredi 7 juin 2013

On sunny days

Hello dear readers!
Look at this lovely sky today! 

And it's been so all week long. Great, eh? I'm not a summer and heat fan but I do like it when the sun is shining and the sky is all blue. Winter lasted extremely long this year in France (we got snow in May, can you imagine?!), so I hope it's now gone for good. I'm definitely a winter person, but I don't like it when it's still freezing in the middle of May!

Anyway. I'm not writing this post only to talk about the weather, don't worry. I have some mail to show you. Not much, but still.

I didn't receive any letter this week, but three lovely pieces of mail reached my mailbox though.
First, a adorable box I won from Make my day. Thank you so much, Bubbles, if you happen to read this :)
The "envelope" actually is the wrapping paper!
Look at this wonderful box! Isn't it cute?
A close-up on the stamps that decorates the lid
Obviously it will be used to store... my stamps! :D

Then I received a book. I'm so glad because I've been selected to be a book-reviewer! It basically means that this books has been sent to me by the publishing house for free, and what I have to do to "pay" the book is reading it and writing a review withing one month. I was so happy when I got the email saying I've been selected because I'm pretty new to book reviews writing, but apparently my texts must be good as they chose me!

Eventually, the last piece of mail was from Caddi who sent me some air mail stickers from Germany! I love air mail stickers (as well as all air mail things, actually), but sadly these stickers don't exist in France :(

By the way, she used a lovely envelope! Take a look ;)

So, thank you, Caddi! I shall send you something back soon :)

As for the outgoing mail, well, although I am on holidays I didn't write so much. Only one letter. I am in a writing mood, but I also am in the mood for plenty of other things and 24 hours in a day aren't enough! :P

The letter is to Sara in Italy, and I wrote it on my balcony, enjoying the sun and the summer-ish temperatures :)

That's all! I'll be leaving you with a song from my current favourite band. I've been keeping on listening their songs all the time for a couple of days. Hopefully you'll like it too!