samedi 29 juin 2013

Ready for some mail?

Hello there! 
I usually make my mail updates here on the blog on Fridays, but I wasn't at home all week long and only came back today, so I didn't check the mailbox before and therefore couldn't show you my incoming mail. Which isn't much, actually: only one letter hit my mailbox this week. Actually, I'm pretty glad about not getting much mail at the moment, because it means my to-reply pile is decreasing! Yay!

So the incoming letter was from Maiju in Finland. Long letter, as usual ;)

On the outgoing side, I did write quite a lot this week. Okay, most of these letters were pretty short, but still! Four letters in only one week, when was it that it last happened?

To Reetta, Finland (she's already received it)
To Louise, UK
To Bruna, Brazil
And last but not least, to Heidi, Finland!

Today I bought myself a bookshelf! Yeah, I eventually have a REAL bookshelf and I can store all my books in the same place instead of having them lying in random piles everywhere in the apartment. And I also realized I still have quite much room left for new books. Good to know for future shopping sprees, hehe :D

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! I must say I enjoy it much more now that the heat wave has ended. I just hope it won't strike again... 

And I'm ending this post with a little reminder that you have to follow me with Bloglovin' if you want to continue being updated of my posts here because Google Friend Connect will retire in July, that means very, very soon! 

Love, Tári

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  1. Love your new bookshelf. Looks great! :) I totally don't feel like writing these days... argh... But I'm not going to force myself.
    It was nice to see photos from you... as always :)

    1. No, don't force yourself, your writing mood will come back soon enough, I'm sure! :)
      Hugs from sunny France! :)

  2. ...I'm afraid I have more books on my bed itself than you on the shelf... Whoops? XD

    1. Proportionally to the room I have for them, I do have many books. At my mom's I have much more books than this, and it doesn't seem to be a lot. That's the perks of living in 18 square meters!


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