vendredi 21 juin 2013

First June letters!

Yeah, I needed to wait till June 19th to eventually receive a letter this month. But it isn't so bad, at least I can decrease my to-reply pile :) I'm in a great writing mood at the moment, as you'll see later in this post when I show you my outgoing mail.

BUT, before, let's start with the two lovely letters I received this week!

From Audrey, Germany
And from Sanna, Finland

I also received a nice postcard from my penpal Laura from the USA

So. As I said, I did write quite a bunch of letters lately. Actually, I'm showing you all the letters I wrote the two past weeks since I didn't do any mail update here last Friday (as you may have noticed ;) )

At first I was tempted to send every letters together when I'm done with repling all my pending mail, just so I could enjoy the lovely feeling of being all caught up (which I haven't felt for... an eternity ^^). But in the end I thought that my adorable penpal have already been waiting for me for months and definitely don't deserve extra waiting weeks, so I ran to the post office as soon as I sealed the envelopes :)

To Sofie, Sweden
To Maiju, Finland
To Olivera, Macedonia
To... someone :D I took part in a random letter exchange and must not reveal the name of my partner before she gets the letter. To be honest I'm not so enthusiastic about the partner I got, but who knows, I might be nicely surprised when (and if) she writes me back! Let's be optimistic ^^
To Sille, Estonia
And eventually, a thank you card to Caddi who sent me air mail stickers two weeks ago.

The weather has been so hot lately (we reached temperatures like +35°C), that I didn't get much work done actually. So now that we eventually have lower temperatures, I have to motivate myself to do some much needed housework. BUT, before leaving you, let me show you the wonderful gift I got from a friend of mine who's been to London:

A book journal! I mean, how awesome is that?!
Alright. Time to go and clean the floor. Have a lovely week-end, dear readers! :)
Love, Tári

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  1. Oh, thanks for sending me a thank-you-card :) I didn't get it yet, but I'm sure it'll be here soon enough.
    I sometimes thought about sending many letters off in a batch as well, but then again - if you send them all around the same time, your penpals also will write back around the same time, which means you'll not get much for a few weeks and then a whole lot all at once and then you have a huge pile of letters waiting to be replied to again. If you send them one by one, you will also have more likely a steady income of mail :) Just my thoughts.
    I hope you are doing well! We had some thunderstorms here the past two days and they said it came over from France... so thanks for that ;)
    All the best and take care!

    1. That's normal you haven't received my card yet - I mailed it out this morning only ;)

      Enjoy "our" thunderstorms then ^^ I love watching storms when I'm safe at home, I like the atmosphere they create if you get what I mean :)

      Have a lovely week end, take care! :)

    2. Yes, I also love the atmosphere of thunderstorms! Also afterwards everything feels so new and fresh. Right now we are having maybe 23°C, a few clouds and a bit of wind - perfect :)

  2. I guess I wouldnt be able to send all of my letters at once because when I saw the PRICE I could simply die :D
    I love reading your posts, and looking at that awesome pictures, Tari :) And wow... that journal- Fab! :)
    Here in Poland we gained hot weather, too. It's tiring and it helps being far away from writing and doing other things, too.
    Warm... ekhem, no. Cold and fresh hugs from Poland ;)

    1. I have a stack of stamps at home that I've bought from the Internet so I don't realize how much it costs each time I send letters... which is better because I prefer not to know how much I spend on postage overall ^^ (but it's undoubtely money well spent!)

      Thanks for the cold hugs, eheh! I definitely need cold *wants winter back*

  3. I think I need to start your system with stamps :)


Thanks for your comment! :)