mardi 31 juillet 2012

July's mail

Damn, I was about to forget! Hopefully I remembered, and here are my July's stats, on time!
I got 14 letters this month:

14 letters in 31 days, that means:  0.45 letter per day, or a letter every 2-3 (exactly 2.124) days.
Average distance traveled: 2089.21 km
Longest distance traveled: 7820 km from Bauxite, Arkansas, USA
Shortest distance traveled: 485 km from Blaustein, Germany

I wish you a nice August with tons of mail! :3

"Happiness is only real when shared"

I read this sentence on a wall in Geneva today and thought it was really true.

Anyways, I just wanted to share some pics from my trip to Switzerland today:

 Switzerland is the country of watches of course! :)

There were lots of swans in the Lake Léman  

I love this shot! So cute! <3 

In Geneva are the United Nations, and all these flags are just in front of the building.

Hey, reader, have you ever seen a Swiss post box?
Now you have ;)

samedi 28 juillet 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #5

It's been a while since I last updated my challenge! So, here we go for part 5!

  1. You can write letters everywhere: in bed, in the park, in the train...
  2. From my own experience, email friendships rarely last longer than a few months. Letter friendships can last forever.
  3. I had never had so many friends before starting snail mailing.
  4. It's easier to express your thoughts on paper. Introverts, snail mail is for you!
  5. Don't you think we already spend way too much time in front of our computer's screen? Disconnect a bit, and write letters!
  6. Snail mail teaches you patience: you have to wait to get a reply to your letter, but it's so very worth it!
  7. And it teaches organisation too. You need not to be too much messy in order not to forget to reply a letter, or to loose a letter.
  8. I love when I see something and immediately think: "Oh, *insert a penpal's name here* would love that!"
  9. You're never bored at home on rainy days when there's a pile of letters waiting for a reply on your desk.
  10. Yes, emails are faster. But you enjoy your letters even more because you waited for them.
Yay, I've done the half of my challenge! I must admit it becomes harder and harder to find ideas... but I'll try to bring it to its end anyways!

jeudi 26 juillet 2012

Three hours and seven cups of tea

That's what I needed to read all the ten letters that I found today in my mailbox. I sooo love returning home after some weeks away! :D

So, let's have a look at these ten letters one by one, okay?

First is from Sille in Estonia:

Second is an air mail envelope! How long ago was it when I last received one? Have I ever mentioned that I'm a fan of air mail envies (and air mail stickers, too)?
The letter inside is from Jenny in the Netherlands. Now I have two Dutch pals named Jenny, and funny, they have similar handwritings! :D
She also included two chocolate mint tea teabags, yummy! ^^

Then comes a letter from Emelie from Sweden. Or shall I say, Emelie from Norway as she's just moved :)
Her stationery is really nice :) And she also included a bookmark for my collection! Take a closer look at it:
"May the god of chocolate smile on you" Haha, love the sentence! ^^

From Reetta in Finland. Very summer themed paper and envelope!

Then comes another Finnish letter, from my newest penpal Maiju.
Look at the stamp, it's very nice :)
And then the letter, I find her handwriting very nice!

I'm not a fan of shoes, but I must admit this envelope is really cute :)
It's from my Slovenian pal Teja and she also sent a bookmark along with her letter. So nice from her :) I love the colourful parrot!

Letter from Klaudija in Lithuania:
She glued a little flower on the envie, nice!
And inside the envelope was another nice flower :)

Marita from Norway sent a letter in a very cute handmade envelope as always :)

She lives close to that beautiful place. She's so lucky, don't you think? ^^
She wrote the beginning of her letter in Norwegian and I'm really proud to say that I understood it all! :D Yay!

Another really cute envie that comes from Tanja in Germany:
It contained a long letter, plus some typical German sweets, and an article in German that I tried to read but... damn, my German knowledge has so faded away lately! And I don't have my German dictionary here so I'll have to wait till I go to my mother's to read it with help of the dictionary ^^

And finally there's a letter from Shelby in the US, sent in a cute envelope as well!
And the letter inside:

Last but not least there was also a postcard waiting for me in my mailbox! It's from my penpal Teresa in the USA, she's on a trip in Morocco and she sent me a postcard from there! Very nice from her!

That's all for today, dear followers! Have a nice day and see you soon! :)

By the way, I've just changed the whole layout of my blog. Do you like it? Any feedback is welcome ;)

vendredi 20 juillet 2012

Here comes the big outgoing update!

So now it's time for a huge outgoing update! I haven't written much the past two weeks, so the few letters didn't deserve an update, but this week I've been really efficient, so now I have a bunch of outgoing letters to show you!

Ready? Here we go :)

Written the past two weeks (only three, I've been really not productive!)

To Norway (I know it has already been received)


To Germany

And now what I've written during my "productive writer week" ^^

A letter to Yasmeen in the USA

This one is to Lithuania

A twin envelope is going to Jennifer in the UK

Winnie the Pooh is currently on the way to Romania

The yellow envie is for Almante in Lithuania

And the blue one to Annalise in England!

Now I only have two letters left to reply. They will probably be done over the week end. I'm so looking forward to July 26th, when I'll finally be able to check the mail. I hope I'll find a full mailbox then I feel so empty when I've nothing left to write! 

vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Hei, hvordan har du det?

I wasn't expecting to check the mail before July 26th, but on Wednesday I needed to go to Lyon to pick some papers for university, so I stopped at my apartment to check the mail. Mail that was almost 100% Norwegian, that's why the title of this post is in Norwegian (it means "hi, how are you?")

The first letter is from Elisabeth:

Take a closer look at the envelope, it's so lovely, everything on it! The way she "wrote" my address, the air mail sticker, and the stamp. I haven't seen this Norwegian stamp before.

Second is from Lise. She surprised me with a rather long letter plus a booklet about a music festival in Northern Norway and a Northern Norway's travel guide in French. Hope it will be useful to me one day!

And there was also a stationery order which doesn't come from Norway, but from Finland. Not so far ;) Thanks to another blogger (I don't remember who, shout in the comment box if you recognize yourself!), I discovered Postcard Garden, and they have so nice items, plus the shipping is incredibly cheap, so I had to make an order! The only problem is that parts of the website (like description of the items) are in Finnish :/
Here it is :)

I'm a little disappointed about the letter pads, they're A6 size, I thought they were A5. That's what happens when you don't understand a word in the description of the items! I'm especially disappointed for the "travel" pad, because the designs are really nice. Anyways, I will use them nevertheless!
Just look at the designs of the "travel" pad...

An item I'm really satisfied with is the pack of envelopes. They're so cute!
I tried to design my own envelopes but I'm neither creative nor talented T_T I hardly have any ideas or when I have some, then I fail at realizing them so... better to use these decorated envies!

I haven't been very productive lately: I worked full time this week and the only day I was free, I rushed to Lyon because of uni. But next week I'm 100% free so I'll catch up! A big outgoing update will come soon I think.