vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Hei, hvordan har du det?

I wasn't expecting to check the mail before July 26th, but on Wednesday I needed to go to Lyon to pick some papers for university, so I stopped at my apartment to check the mail. Mail that was almost 100% Norwegian, that's why the title of this post is in Norwegian (it means "hi, how are you?")

The first letter is from Elisabeth:

Take a closer look at the envelope, it's so lovely, everything on it! The way she "wrote" my address, the air mail sticker, and the stamp. I haven't seen this Norwegian stamp before.

Second is from Lise. She surprised me with a rather long letter plus a booklet about a music festival in Northern Norway and a Northern Norway's travel guide in French. Hope it will be useful to me one day!

And there was also a stationery order which doesn't come from Norway, but from Finland. Not so far ;) Thanks to another blogger (I don't remember who, shout in the comment box if you recognize yourself!), I discovered Postcard Garden, and they have so nice items, plus the shipping is incredibly cheap, so I had to make an order! The only problem is that parts of the website (like description of the items) are in Finnish :/
Here it is :)

I'm a little disappointed about the letter pads, they're A6 size, I thought they were A5. That's what happens when you don't understand a word in the description of the items! I'm especially disappointed for the "travel" pad, because the designs are really nice. Anyways, I will use them nevertheless!
Just look at the designs of the "travel" pad...

An item I'm really satisfied with is the pack of envelopes. They're so cute!
I tried to design my own envelopes but I'm neither creative nor talented T_T I hardly have any ideas or when I have some, then I fail at realizing them so... better to use these decorated envies!

I haven't been very productive lately: I worked full time this week and the only day I was free, I rushed to Lyon because of uni. But next week I'm 100% free so I'll catch up! A big outgoing update will come soon I think.

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  1. Oh that design is really nice :) I wonder would I understand there something yet :D

  2. Aww, I love those cute and I love the travel pads too! :)

    Have a great weekend, Tari! :)

  3. Kawaii envelopeeeeeee! *v*b and everything else too XD

  4. Wow you got some nice pretty lovely sweet letters from pen-friends. I am happy you loved your mail haul.

  5. I posted about Postcard Garden in my blog and also Nina did after that :) I have that Travel notepad as well and I like it a lot :)

  6. Now I remember, I read about Postcard Garden in Nina's blog. Yeah, that travel notepad is really cute, too bad it's A6 size though :/


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