dimanche 1 juillet 2012


Yesterday I told you I got a new stamps order. So now here comes, as promised, the post about it :)
I started to really get out of stamps (especially of postage complement stamps), so I was very glad the post service delivered this order quite fast.

The 0.10€ stamps, those I was running out of. Not the most fancy, but the most useful for sure!

I found these ones funny!

On theme "water"

The new Europa stamps, on theme "Visit France"

Take a closer look:
This stamps show 5 famous French sights: from the left to the right: Mafate Circus on Reunion Island, the Eiffel Tower (who didn't recognize it? ^^), the bridge on river Gard, Saint Michel Mount, and the Place Stanislas in Nancy.

And the last ones are on theme "sports". After all, it's Euro 2012 at the moment and soon will start the Olympics Games... ;)

Talking about stamps, I decided to start a stamp collection! But I won't collect the stamps "in real" because it's way too heartbreaking for me to cut the envelopes. So I collect... pictures of stamps! I spent a part of the morning photographing all the stamps on my envies... Now you can look at the result here :)
And if you notice you have stamps from countries I haven't, and want to make my day, you can mail me pictures of them at: ink-spot(at)hotmail(dot)fr. Thank you! :)

8 commentaires:

  1. The "Visitez la France!" stamps are just wonderful! <3

  2. I like visit the France stamps too ^^
    you've got a plenty of them :)

  3. I won't be original, but I love the "visit France" stamps too! :D It's always interesting to see the stamps that different countries issue for "EUROPA" competition. I have the "visit Ukraine" too, so I may use them next time, if you want :)

  4. So I should save 2 Europa stamps then, one for Almante and one for Ksenia?
    Oh and yes I'd love to see the Ukrainian Europa stamp :)

  5. That would be very nice, if you could save one for me, but I enjoy all the stamps you use for your letters! :) And I'll use the Europa stamp for my next letter to you ;)

  6. Oh, I love the "Visit France" stamps too! Seems like so does everyone else, hehe! I love how those stamps show a few of the famous French places! :) It's really amazing to see more of France through a stamp! :)

  7. I'll save one for you as well, Yasmeen :)


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