vendredi 20 juillet 2012

Here comes the big outgoing update!

So now it's time for a huge outgoing update! I haven't written much the past two weeks, so the few letters didn't deserve an update, but this week I've been really efficient, so now I have a bunch of outgoing letters to show you!

Ready? Here we go :)

Written the past two weeks (only three, I've been really not productive!)

To Norway (I know it has already been received)


To Germany

And now what I've written during my "productive writer week" ^^

A letter to Yasmeen in the USA

This one is to Lithuania

A twin envelope is going to Jennifer in the UK

Winnie the Pooh is currently on the way to Romania

The yellow envie is for Almante in Lithuania

And the blue one to Annalise in England!

Now I only have two letters left to reply. They will probably be done over the week end. I'm so looking forward to July 26th, when I'll finally be able to check the mail. I hope I'll find a full mailbox then I feel so empty when I've nothing left to write! 

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  1. You got some lovely outgoing mail! Ohh...I love the stamps as always! :) I'm so excited and I can't wait to receive your letter, hehe!

  2. You got some really nice letters for sure happy for you.


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