vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Ready to go!

Hello there!
Yes, as said in the title of this post, I am ready to go! On Tuesday I'm off for a two weeks trip to two interesting French towns: Strasbourg and Paris. I'd have prefered to tell you I was off to Oslo or Helsinki, or even Reykjavík, but well, at least I'm going on holiday somewhere and that's already really exciting! It's been so very long since I last went on a trip somewhere (I mean for more than one day only)

BUT, before leaving you alone for two weeks in a row (will you miss me? I bet you will :P), let me show you my latest mail. I'm showing you two weeks of mail at once, because last week I hadn't gathered enough letters to make a blog post about them.

Ready? Here we go. First with the incoming mail:

From Sille, Estonia
She used this year Europa stamp. I like the theme they chose this year,  don't you too?
I also receieved a book and the woman who sold it to me added a little recipe in the package. How nice from her! Unfortunately since I don't have an oven I won't be able to bake this probably yummy cake :(
From Reetta, Finland
From Sofie, Sweden

And now on to the outgoing mail:

To Marita, Norway
To Andra, Romania
To Anne Mette, Denmark
To Ramona, Germany
And to Jenny, Netherlands!
I'm glad that I have significantly decreased my to-reply pile. It still is big but I have good hopes to be all caught up by August or so. That'd be great! I'll do some more writing this week-end, it'd be great if I could send one more letter before leaving on holiday, because I don't think I can do much writing during these two weeks.

Well, that's all. Have a lovely week-end, and see you in two weeks! :)
Love, Tári