jeudi 28 février 2013

February's mail

So, another month is over! Time for February's stats now! It was quite a poor mail month as I only got 6 letters (a letter every 4-5 days). But thanks to this I'm not so behind in my mail ;) I only have 6 pending letters (so yeah, I'm one month late in my replies). 

Here are the 6 letters:

Average distanced travelled: 1324.66 km
Shortest distance travelled: 489 km from Ulm, Germany
Longest distance travelled: 1753 km from Vilnius, Lithuania

Have a lovely March! (the beginning of Spring is coming soon by the way! Are you looking forward to it?)
Love, Tári

vendredi 22 février 2013

*Insert an awesome title here*

Sorry, I'm totally out of inspiration to find a nice title for this week's mail update. I'm really, really tired because of much stress and quite a lack of sleep these past weeks, so my brain isn't able to do extra work right now. Fortunately next week is a week holidays for me! Looking forward to relaxing then, though I'm afraid I'll have to work really a lot anyway.

So let's go straight to the "food" my mailbox got this week:
A letter from Simona in Lithuania, along with a belated birthday card:

And a letter from Andra in Romania. Look at the little message she printed on the envelope for the post workers!
And they respected it, since the letter arrived safely to me.
Along with the letter she sent me a "martisor" (if you don't know what it is, you can read about it here), which is a Romanian tradition. Take a closer look at it, it's lovely! 

As for the outgoing mail, I managed to write two letters, which seems to be the average number of letters written by me in a week, actually.
The first one is for Audrey in Germany (forgot to take a picture before sealing the envelope and putting the stamps on it)

And the second one is heading its way to Kate in Czech Republic. Winter is still here (today we had 0°C), so I'm still using my winter papers ;)

That's all for now! I'm going to make tea, curl up in my bed and read a book. Have a nice week end folks!
Love, Tári

vendredi 15 février 2013

Oh, this is a letter!

This actually kind of was my reaction when I opened my mailbox on Wednesday and found an envelope in it :P The last time I got a letter was on February 1st, so 12 days before, so I was starting to wonder where the mail lady had gone (yes, in my area it's a mail lady, not a mail man.) 
It still was a slow mail week for me, because the mail lady only dropped one letter in my mailbox. But while I don't received much mail I can catch up with the pending letters! My pile is starting to decrease which is a good new :)

This is the letter I got on Wednesday, from Almante in Lithuania. Love the envelope!
And the stamps :)
And of course, the letter itself :) I love how long our letters always are. Almante is one of my closest pals and I always have a lot to tell her.
She used beautiful letter paper (they sell letter paper in post offices in Lithuania, I'm so jealous!!) and she sent me two unused sheets of each design. Very nice of her! <3

As for the outgoing mail, I had a rather calm week at uni (not too much homework), so I could find enough time to write three letters (well, two, because the first one was almost all written last week already, I only wrote the last page on Saturday)
This first one is to Tanja in Germany:

Then I wrote to Laura in the USA. Funny, the envelope actually is a present from another American pal, so it will go back to its home country, hehe! I'm only realising it now ;)

And finally, a letter to Marita in Norway! Very winter themed :)

And talking about winter, finally the first snowfall arrived over here! Better late than never... I was so looking forward to it! There's nothing in Lyon at all, though (sadly), but in my village, where I spend last week end, there was at least 5-10 cm of snow overall. Awesome, isn't it :) Have some pics for you:

I love this one because you can barely distinguish the skyline, the sky almost is a white as the snow *-*

And my snowman ;) Who said I'm too old for making snowmen?? You're NEVER too old for that! :P

Has it already snowed over where you live this winter? 
Love, Tári

vendredi 8 février 2013

It will be quick this time

Yes, the weekly mail update will be quick this time, because I only have two outgoing letters to show you. I didn't receive anything! Though I can't say my mailbox is starving either, it ate so much the two past weeks that it had to get on a diet for some time ;)

So let's move on to the outgoing mail straight away!
I first wrote a letter to Teresa in the USA. I wrote it almost entirely on Saturday. It had been such a long time since I didn't spend a whole day writing a letter! I had almost forgotten how nice it was to completely lose track of what time it is, while your words fill the paper, page after page.

And secondly I wrote to Andra in Romania. I used some winter-themed ribbons to decorate the envelope. Very simple, but I think it looks nice :)

I sent this letter along with the giveaway prize as Andra was the lucky winner :) And as she's already gotten it (I sent the package on Wednesday and she received it today! I love it when the mail travels so fast) I can show you what the prize consisted in without spoiling her the surprise ;) 
Here it is:
There were letter paper sheets, a notepad, three envelopes, 6 sheets of stickers, and two pens! I hope Andra will make good use of that stuff!

That's all for today, folks! I told you it'd be quick ;)
Have a nice week end! 
Love, Tári

dimanche 3 février 2013

And the winner is...

Thanks to all the 24 people who took part in my 1st blog anniversary giveaway! I would have gladly sent something to each of you, but well, that is impossible, so I had to pick one and only winner so... I used and asked for a number between 1 and 24... and the winner is...
number 17, that means Andra from Romania! Congrats my dear! :)

And to all the other participants, sorry, but I hope my blog will live one more year so that you can try your luck again in my 2nd blog anniversary giveaway! :)

Love, Tári

vendredi 1 février 2013

Mail keeps on coming...

... and my to-reply pile keeps on growing :S That's the only downside about full mail weeks, actually, especially since I have much work to do for uni. The two first weeks of spring semester were quite "light" considering homework, but now it starts getting much busier... So that means I'll have less time to shorten my  piles of mail. Yet as my penpals seemed to have decided to all send me a letter these last weeks, I'm very likely to get no mail at all for a little while, so although I prefer when there's a letter in the mailbox, a no mail period would be welcome since my to-reply folder is about to crack! It's way too full! :/

Anyway. I'm still happy to get mail! :D And let's have a look at what I got this week:
First, a letter from Anne Mette in Denmark:
By the way, the black "thing" on top is a ribbon! It doesn't show up so well in the pic. She used it to attach the sheets together :)

Then a letter from Jenny N in the Netherlands, on Mexican themed paper ;) She also included a Winter tea in her envelope. Last Autumn she sent me an Autumn tea, so now I'm waiting for the Spring and Summer teas from her ;) That's so great they have "seasonal teas" over there in the Netherlands, I wish we had in France as well!
At the end of her letter she said that after finishing a letter to me, she feels well, because she has written all she had in mind and feels relaxed. This was so touching reading that sentence. What's the most touching thing  a penpal has ever told you? (if you don't mind sharing, of course!)

I also received a letter from Sille in Estonia, as well as a birthday card

Letter from Reetta in Finland. Funny, on the pic the color of the envelope is so different than the real color! Normally it's more like the color I used to cover the address. I guess that's because of the flashlight, but still, it's strange.

And finally, a letter from Teja in Slovenia. I got it in a little yellow plastic bag because the envelope got torn and open along the way :( I hope nothing is missing. She sent a card and a cute little birthday present. And even her little sister is wishing me a happy birthday! Look at the little drawing below the postcard, it's from Teja's 6-year-old sister. How lovely!

As I didn't have too much homework yet this week, I still could write three letters (though one is quite short). The first one, using the paper I got from Tanja and the pen I got from Laura, is to Maiju is Finland

Then to Nora in Norway, I made the envelope out of an old magazine cover

And to Simona, Lithuania. I used one of the envelopes I got from Teresa.

Don't forget to join my giveaway! The deadline to sign up is tomorrow! 

Love, Tári