vendredi 8 février 2013

It will be quick this time

Yes, the weekly mail update will be quick this time, because I only have two outgoing letters to show you. I didn't receive anything! Though I can't say my mailbox is starving either, it ate so much the two past weeks that it had to get on a diet for some time ;)

So let's move on to the outgoing mail straight away!
I first wrote a letter to Teresa in the USA. I wrote it almost entirely on Saturday. It had been such a long time since I didn't spend a whole day writing a letter! I had almost forgotten how nice it was to completely lose track of what time it is, while your words fill the paper, page after page.

And secondly I wrote to Andra in Romania. I used some winter-themed ribbons to decorate the envelope. Very simple, but I think it looks nice :)

I sent this letter along with the giveaway prize as Andra was the lucky winner :) And as she's already gotten it (I sent the package on Wednesday and she received it today! I love it when the mail travels so fast) I can show you what the prize consisted in without spoiling her the surprise ;) 
Here it is:
There were letter paper sheets, a notepad, three envelopes, 6 sheets of stickers, and two pens! I hope Andra will make good use of that stuff!

That's all for today, folks! I told you it'd be quick ;)
Have a nice week end! 
Love, Tári

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