mercredi 29 février 2012

February's mail

I was about to post it yesterday, but then I suddenly realized this year February has 29 days! So one more day when I can get mail :3
Indeed, I got mail today, and which mail!
A letter from my Polish pal Michi. An amazing letter in the most amazing envelop I've ever received *.* I had already seen the envelop on her blog before she send it, but it is even more beautiful in real
Look out:
 The letter, with a nice postcard and some tea <3
I love her handwriting, it's so beautiful and neat! She's my penpal who has the most awesome handwriting <3

And finally, here are all the letters I got in February. The shortest month of the whole year, but not the shortest month of mail! I got ten letters in 29 days, which means 0.01 letters per day, or a letter every 3 days or almost. (Yes, I'm a statistician, and I do statistics about anything and everything ^^")
One day, I'll tidy my desk. One day... >.<"

dimanche 26 février 2012

Happy letters! :D

I was supposed to do all my homework today, but I'm such a bad student... :< I started my English homework, but got bored after having done almost the half of it, and I ended up doing some mail art |D
(By the way, I have this big English task to finish for Wednesday... uh D: )

Anyway, here's the result of my art: "Happy letter" envelopes ^^"

... and back ;)

These are my first handmade envelops so... be nice in your judgments, please! XD

Have a nice week, dear followers (wow, you are 22 now! O.o In only one month of blogging, that's incredible!)

vendredi 24 février 2012

Non-stop writing time

I've been quite silent on my blog these days, but I have a good reason: I've been on holidays since the beginning of the week, and guess how I used my free time? Writing letters! :D I almost didn't do anything else than writing during this week. So I got done with my pile of letters, which on Monday contained 6 letters. I'm glad I'm not behind anymore with my letters because it sounds that I'm going to have a crazy week at school next week, so no time to write. Moreover the weather during these holidays wasn't that nice, so no envy to go out: so letter writing is a perfect occupation for rainy and cold days!

The result of my letter-writing vacations: 6 letters in one week. I did a great job, didn't I? 
(Ksenia, Edvin, Carolin, Almante, Zuzanna and Sanna, if you stop by here, try to guess which one is yours |D")

And on Sunday, I go back home and I check the mailbox! I start missing it... -.-"

jeudi 16 février 2012

Mailbox's happiness

My dearest and beloved mailbox was super happy today: it had been feed with three letters! I've rarely got so much in once O.o So this is what I can call happiness, both for mailbox and for me |3

Now let's have a look on what's inside...

First, two of these letters are from my Polish penpal, Zuzanna. One contained a really cute Valentine's Day card (I told you Valentine's Day is not only for lovers, but for friends too XD)
The other envelop contained the actual letter, plus a little gift :3 Knowing my great weakness for Scandinavian mythology (and for Scandinavia in general~), Zuzanna sent me a booklet about trolls (unfortunately in Italian, so I can't understand, and she could not translate for me -.-"), but anyway, how nice!
Look at all these funny creatures! *_*

Last (but not least) letter came from Lithuania. First letter from my new Lithuanian pal, Almante.
Look at the very creative way she folded her letter:
 Aaand, she included few teabags too, that I'll try as soon as... today! XD Yes, I'm a tea addict and I drink way too much of it, but who cares? ;)

mercredi 15 février 2012

Wednesday's surprise

I got a Postcrossing card from Russia today! I was really surprised, finding it in my mailbox, because I didn't expect a postcard, I haven't been active on Postcrossing for quite a long time and as far as I know, none of my expired cards has been registered lately. So I guess the address generator on Postcrossing made a mistake when giving my address.
Anyhow, this was a really nice surprise to get it, so I won't complain ;)

This is the card:

I added it to my postcards wall (or more precisely my postcard window ^_^) I have 15 postcards now, either from my penpals or from Postcrossing :)
(Sorry for the awful picture -_-")

Have a nice Wednesday, all! <3

dimanche 12 février 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #1

Since tons of people ask me why the hell I like snail mailing, whereas we are on 21th century and it exists emails, which are easier, faster, 100% free and so and so, I challenged myself to find 100 reasons to defend my beloved handwritten letters <3 (maybe not in once, though |D)
Soooo... here we go:

  1. You write ten times more in handwritten letters. Because it takes long to reach your penpal (it's not called "snail mail" without reason ^^), and because you have to pay to send them, you obviously have to write more than a few lines, like you can write on an email. Therefore, conversations are deeper, and so is the friendship you build.
  2. Getting an email is something usual, very common, like "I got an email today... so what?!". Getting a letter is a moment a great joy, like "I GOT A LETTER TODAY, HOW AWESOME!!"
  3. Snail mailing, it's waiting impatiently for the postman to come in the morning, running to the mailbox when you come back home on the evening, doing an "happy dance" and smiling stupidly when there's mail in the box...
  4. With a letter you get a piece of your penpal's soul. Indeed, he/she spent time on your letter, he/she share his/her thoughts, joys, sorrows... with you, decorated the envelop and paper just for you...
  5. On an handwritten letter you can see your penpal's handwriting. I don't have any psychology skills but I'm sure the handwriting says a lot about the person. Don't you think?
  6. Snail mail costs money? Yes, sure, but snail mail is also a way to help you SAVING money.  Yes, you save money to afford stamps, stationery... instead of wasting money in useless stuff.
  7. Wouldn't it make you dream thinking about the long travel of your letter to reach your penpal overseas?
  8. Without us, the snail mailers, the post industry would die... and let thousands of people jobless. So, think about these people, and send letters!
  9. Handwritten letters are old fashioned. But old fashioned stuff are romantics, aren't they? I'm sure everybody like to be a little romantic from time to time :)
  10. Dear email fans, have you ever received postcards, teabags, candies, key chains and so on through emails? I don't think so!

dimanche 5 février 2012

How much I love winter~

We had to wait till February, but finally, the REAL winter came. Real winter, with real cold - temperature reached -15°C these days! Some would have preferred spending the week end at home regarding to so cold weather, but not me. -15°C aren't enough to frighten me ^^ After all, I want to travel to the north of Norway and to Iceland one day, so I have to get used to such cold weathers.
So, I wore warm coat, scarf, hat and gloves, and let's go enjoying the SNOW!! 

Snowy place: Good, but I want more again. Hopefully more snow will come next week end, according to the weather forecasts ;)

I got a new cute and nice friend! Look:
 His name is Sven, and he's pleased to meet you! XD

Warm hugs from the snowy  France, have a nice week! <3

jeudi 2 février 2012

Cute little thing

Today a letter from my Norwegian pal came. It's only the second letter I get from her but I think a good friendship is going to be built between us. Her letters are very nice :)
And she add a very cute handmade bookmark in her letter.
 I put it right away in the book I'm currently reading. Though I love reading, I don't have any nice bookmarks, and I usually use trains or bus schedule as bookmarks XD
Doesn't it look so cute? <3 Mange takk kjære Marita!