dimanche 12 février 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #1

Since tons of people ask me why the hell I like snail mailing, whereas we are on 21th century and it exists emails, which are easier, faster, 100% free and so and so, I challenged myself to find 100 reasons to defend my beloved handwritten letters <3 (maybe not in once, though |D)
Soooo... here we go:

  1. You write ten times more in handwritten letters. Because it takes long to reach your penpal (it's not called "snail mail" without reason ^^), and because you have to pay to send them, you obviously have to write more than a few lines, like you can write on an email. Therefore, conversations are deeper, and so is the friendship you build.
  2. Getting an email is something usual, very common, like "I got an email today... so what?!". Getting a letter is a moment a great joy, like "I GOT A LETTER TODAY, HOW AWESOME!!"
  3. Snail mailing, it's waiting impatiently for the postman to come in the morning, running to the mailbox when you come back home on the evening, doing an "happy dance" and smiling stupidly when there's mail in the box...
  4. With a letter you get a piece of your penpal's soul. Indeed, he/she spent time on your letter, he/she share his/her thoughts, joys, sorrows... with you, decorated the envelop and paper just for you...
  5. On an handwritten letter you can see your penpal's handwriting. I don't have any psychology skills but I'm sure the handwriting says a lot about the person. Don't you think?
  6. Snail mail costs money? Yes, sure, but snail mail is also a way to help you SAVING money.  Yes, you save money to afford stamps, stationery... instead of wasting money in useless stuff.
  7. Wouldn't it make you dream thinking about the long travel of your letter to reach your penpal overseas?
  8. Without us, the snail mailers, the post industry would die... and let thousands of people jobless. So, think about these people, and send letters!
  9. Handwritten letters are old fashioned. But old fashioned stuff are romantics, aren't they? I'm sure everybody like to be a little romantic from time to time :)
  10. Dear email fans, have you ever received postcards, teabags, candies, key chains and so on through emails? I don't think so!

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  1. Marvelous blog!
    those are some good reasons! :)

  2. That is so true, all of it!! :D
    And it made me wanna write some reasons on my own ;)

    Nice blog! :)


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