vendredi 24 février 2012

Non-stop writing time

I've been quite silent on my blog these days, but I have a good reason: I've been on holidays since the beginning of the week, and guess how I used my free time? Writing letters! :D I almost didn't do anything else than writing during this week. So I got done with my pile of letters, which on Monday contained 6 letters. I'm glad I'm not behind anymore with my letters because it sounds that I'm going to have a crazy week at school next week, so no time to write. Moreover the weather during these holidays wasn't that nice, so no envy to go out: so letter writing is a perfect occupation for rainy and cold days!

The result of my letter-writing vacations: 6 letters in one week. I did a great job, didn't I? 
(Ksenia, Edvin, Carolin, Almante, Zuzanna and Sanna, if you stop by here, try to guess which one is yours |D")

And on Sunday, I go back home and I check the mailbox! I start missing it... -.-"

4 commentaires:

  1. They all are adorable, but is mine the one with winter pic?:D

  2. Is mine the one with "0.77 euro" sticker? :)

  3. It's Ksenia, in case you can't read my nickname in Ukrainian :D

  4. Haha, girls, I don't want to spoil you the surprise, so wait and see if you're right! :D
    The letters have been all mailed out today.


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