mercredi 31 octobre 2012

October's mail

Happy Halloween everyone! :D Who celebrated it today? I didn't, Halloween seems to be a "lost" tradition in France. It used to be popular when I was a child, but not anymore.

Anyways, the purpose of this post wasn't to discuss about Halloween's traditions, but to show you my October's incoming mail.

12 letters received this month. This isn't a big mail month, but nothing surprising as I've been owing a letter to many of my pals for quite long.

12 letters in 31 days means 0.39 letters a day or one letter every 2,6 days (so let's say every 3 days)
Average distance traveled: 1281,92 km
Shortest distance traveled: 597 km from Köln, Germany
Longest distance traveled: 2483 km from Oulu, Finland

I wish you a nice November, filled with many great letters!
Love, Tári

dimanche 28 octobre 2012

On a cold Sunday...

Hello readers! Has Winter already come where you live? Here it has come all of a sudden: on Friday we had ~15°C, and today when I woke up it was only 4°C outside! And when my mother phoned me later today she told me that there was a little snow in my village this morning! :)
Do you like Winter? I think you all know that I do, so I obviously won't complain about the weather at the moment :)

On this cold Sunday I'm pretty self-satisfied as I've been very efficient today: I finished writing a letter to a penpal in Poland, washed the floor, and cleaned and tidied my desk, which was really, really needed.
See yourself!
It's much more motivating to have a neat work place, don't you think?

And as it's Sunday, let's talk about the "4 things Sunday"!

Last week I challenged myself to:

  • write one letter: done. I even wrote three!
  • clean the whole bathroom: done. I even did more cleaning (see above :) )
  • read two things in Norwegian: done
  • finish reading one book for my thesis: failed. For 10 pages only! >.<" I'll complete it this evening, though.
And now, my goals for the upcoming week:
  • type my notes from lectures
  • buy winter shoes
  • write four letters (it's my autumn break and the next letters in my pile aren't very long ones so it should be okay)
  • do some exercise
What are your goals for this week, dear readers? 

Love, Tári

vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Three, again

Just like two weeks ago, this week again the balance incoming/outgoing mail was perfect: three letters on both sides! Three seems to be my number, for letters :)

Let's start with the incoming mail.
First I received a letter from my dear Almante in Lithuania. The envelope was so beautiful, I didn't know how to open it because I was afraid I might damage it (finally I cut it on the side)
Inside the envelope I found I long letter (13 A4 pages) that I really enjoyed reading! On the picture the papers are fold in 4 so that's why they look so small.

Then on Wednesday I didn't received a letter, but a swap. I recently joined a swap group on Facebook and my first swap was a bookmark swap (yes, I collect bookmarks, for those who didn't know it yet)
The bookmark I got is so fun and cute and it's already in use as you can see

Second letter of the week, a green one from Jennifer in the UK

And the third and last one, received today, from Maiju in Finland
Lovely Moomin stamp!

And now onto the outgoing mail!
First a letter to Andra in Romania, I used my "travel" pad although I don't really like A6 sized papers, but well, I have this pad so I should use it sometimes!

A letter to Emelie in Norway

And last but not least to Bree in Malaysia!

Alright! Sorry, I have to keep this post short, I have to rush a bit because in a few minutes I have to leave, I'm going into town to eat a pizza with some friends! Have a nice week end everyone!

Love, Tári

lundi 22 octobre 2012

4 things sunday

Okay, I know it's Monday and not Sunday, but I found out the "4 things sunday" this morning on Caddi's blog and as I'm a huge procrastinator, I decided to join, even if I'm a lil' bit late for this week.

The idea is that every sunday you set yourself four goals you want to accomplish during the upcoming week.  It obviously has to be "easy" goals, like writing a letter or finishing a book - goals you can fulfill. Nothing that will change your life, but at least you'll be able to say: "I did something" at the end of the week.

My four goals for this week are;

  • write one letter
  • clean the whole bathroom
  • read two things in Norwegian
  • finish reading a book for my thesis

What about your goals for this week, readers? Let me know, I'm curious ;)

Love, Tári

vendredi 19 octobre 2012

How can I still get mail...

... while I owe/have just sent a letter to almost all my penpals???
Apparently, there are still people who're not waiting or have just received a reply from me, because my mailbox didn't remain empty all week long as I expected. Well, it wasn't a flood of incoming mail for me, only two letters, but still, it's more than what I was expecting!
And guess what? I know that there are two other letters heading my way at the moment. How is that possible?!

Anyways. The first letter this week came on Wednesday, from the Netherlands.

And the second letter came today, from my lovely Michi in Poland. Her letter really made my day, it was so awesome and cute, as always <3 (and if I had only the half of her creative mind I'd be the happiest girl in the world)
A close up on the envelope because it's really worth it ;)

And now on to the outgoing mail, first a letter to Simona in Lithuania:
(yes, it's a face you can see on the envelope. A face made of plenty of other tiny faces :) Nice, isn't it?)

And then a long letter to Ksenia in Ukraine. 11 A4 pages, it's one of my longest letters actually. And I'm really glad because I've been quite fast to write it, I didn't expect to have it finished today but in fact I even finished it yesterday afternoon!

That's all for my mail related news for this week! I wish you a lovely week end, my dear readers! :)

Love, Tári

Home sweet home

Inspired by Julie from  Penpal of the Week, I searched for my address on Google Stree View, and I was quite impressed by the result: that's EXACTLY where I live! I can even see my door on the picture :)

This is so funny, don't you think?
Have you ever tried to search for your address on Google Street View?

Love, Tári

lundi 15 octobre 2012

I love my penpals

That's why when I saw these stamps, I had to buy them

Do you have any favourite stamps from your country?

Love, Tári

vendredi 12 octobre 2012


Three, it's the number of incoming letters, as well as the number of outgoing letters this week. Perfect balance between incoming and outgoing so, but it still doesn't mean I'm caught up! I have... *counts* 12 more letters awaiting for reply. Ugh.

However, that's enough of complaining! I got three great letters this week so let me show them to you! ^^
First a pink letter from Teja in Slovenia. She told me the envelope was scented, but unfortunately the smell completely faded along the way :(
She also sent a tea, and the tiny rabbit is actually an eraser. But I don't think I'll use it, it's so cute!

A letter from Ramona in Germany. I wasn't expecting this one, but it was however very nice to receive it.
A close up on a little detail of the letter that made me smile :)
Don't you think it's so funny? ;)

And finally a letter from Sara in Italy, I hadn't heard of her for ages so it was really nice to catch up with her news!

I wrote three letters this week. Two over these three are quite long, so despite the fact that I haven't so much time to devote to letter writing, I've still been quite efficient!

The first one is to Teresa in the USA. I used my new Autumn themed stationery for this letter, although she told me she doesn't like Autumn. But still, the paper is beautiful so I'm pretty sure she'll like it anyways!

Autumn themed paper again, this time for a letter to Sille in Estonia:

And the third and last outgoing letter of this week is to Audrey.
Although she lives in Germany, she's French, so I wrote her in French. And it was quite a challenge, even if French is my native language. For all my readers who aren't English native speakers, do you write letters in your native language? If so, how do you feel about it? I really feel uncomfortable writing letters in French, but as writing in English to a fellow French would be a nonsense, I have to go over this feeling.

That's all for now! Have a nice week end, readers!
Love, Tári

vendredi 5 octobre 2012

I have no inspiration for a good title today...

No, no inspiration for blog posts titles today, except the boring one "Weekly mail update"... but I want to come out with something more fun. Maybe I'll change the title later if I can get a lil' bit more of inspiration.

Anyways, let's go for the mail update! First, this is what I found in my mailbox this week...
A letter from Bree in Malaysia. I don't know if it's something normal or not, but her letters always take ages to come... :(

She sent me two beautiful postcards, some bookmarks (we both are bookmarks collectors ;) ), and of course a nice cute letter.

Then I received a letter from Paula in Estonia. The stamps were very nice. But I forgot to take a closer pic of them, sorry.

Two letters came on Wednesday. The first one was from Anne Mette in Denmark, I really don't know what happened to it but the envie was totally destroyed! D: Yet nothing seems to be missing hopefully.

And the other one was from Reetta in Finland. I loved the yellow paper with the cute little fox. And the plushies on the envelope <3

That's for the incoming mail. I must admit, I love getting mail, and I love my penpals, but seeing as how big my pile of letters awaiting for answers has become, I feel really, really behind, and I'm actually even hoping for an empty mailbox all next week long so that I could catch up a bit! I haven't had much time to write lately because I'm so terribly busy due to uni tasks (yay for oral presentations!). But hopefully my penpals will be understanding and patiently wait for me! :)

Here is what I wrote this week, not so much, as I said I was really busy.
First a long letter to Tanja in Germany. It took me some time to find a good picture to attach on the envelope, but I finally found the perfect one :)

And a letter to Heidi in Finland, she said she loves cute things as Rilakkuma so I used my Rilakkuma envelope for her:

I really hope I'll have more outgoing mail to show you next week. But we'll see how things will turn out!
See you!

Love, Tári