vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Three, again

Just like two weeks ago, this week again the balance incoming/outgoing mail was perfect: three letters on both sides! Three seems to be my number, for letters :)

Let's start with the incoming mail.
First I received a letter from my dear Almante in Lithuania. The envelope was so beautiful, I didn't know how to open it because I was afraid I might damage it (finally I cut it on the side)
Inside the envelope I found I long letter (13 A4 pages) that I really enjoyed reading! On the picture the papers are fold in 4 so that's why they look so small.

Then on Wednesday I didn't received a letter, but a swap. I recently joined a swap group on Facebook and my first swap was a bookmark swap (yes, I collect bookmarks, for those who didn't know it yet)
The bookmark I got is so fun and cute and it's already in use as you can see

Second letter of the week, a green one from Jennifer in the UK

And the third and last one, received today, from Maiju in Finland
Lovely Moomin stamp!

And now onto the outgoing mail!
First a letter to Andra in Romania, I used my "travel" pad although I don't really like A6 sized papers, but well, I have this pad so I should use it sometimes!

A letter to Emelie in Norway

And last but not least to Bree in Malaysia!

Alright! Sorry, I have to keep this post short, I have to rush a bit because in a few minutes I have to leave, I'm going into town to eat a pizza with some friends! Have a nice week end everyone!

Love, Tári

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  1. Oh, the envelope from Lithuania really is so gorgeous! You have received some great mail this week :) The balance thing yet again is so exciting, hehe.

  2. Wow the letters look really nice cute pretty looking.

  3. *w* Moomin stamp, I love it! I also like the first envelope, it looks a bit oriental:)

  4. Hiya Tari! Hope that you're well. Nice mail! And I have the exact moomin stamp! Can't wait to read your letter! :)


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