vendredi 5 octobre 2012

I have no inspiration for a good title today...

No, no inspiration for blog posts titles today, except the boring one "Weekly mail update"... but I want to come out with something more fun. Maybe I'll change the title later if I can get a lil' bit more of inspiration.

Anyways, let's go for the mail update! First, this is what I found in my mailbox this week...
A letter from Bree in Malaysia. I don't know if it's something normal or not, but her letters always take ages to come... :(

She sent me two beautiful postcards, some bookmarks (we both are bookmarks collectors ;) ), and of course a nice cute letter.

Then I received a letter from Paula in Estonia. The stamps were very nice. But I forgot to take a closer pic of them, sorry.

Two letters came on Wednesday. The first one was from Anne Mette in Denmark, I really don't know what happened to it but the envie was totally destroyed! D: Yet nothing seems to be missing hopefully.

And the other one was from Reetta in Finland. I loved the yellow paper with the cute little fox. And the plushies on the envelope <3

That's for the incoming mail. I must admit, I love getting mail, and I love my penpals, but seeing as how big my pile of letters awaiting for answers has become, I feel really, really behind, and I'm actually even hoping for an empty mailbox all next week long so that I could catch up a bit! I haven't had much time to write lately because I'm so terribly busy due to uni tasks (yay for oral presentations!). But hopefully my penpals will be understanding and patiently wait for me! :)

Here is what I wrote this week, not so much, as I said I was really busy.
First a long letter to Tanja in Germany. It took me some time to find a good picture to attach on the envelope, but I finally found the perfect one :)

And a letter to Heidi in Finland, she said she loves cute things as Rilakkuma so I used my Rilakkuma envelope for her:

I really hope I'll have more outgoing mail to show you next week. But we'll see how things will turn out!
See you!

Love, Tári 

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  1. Aww I am in the same situation like you. I have a huge pile of letters waiting to be replied too xD

  2. I am happy you got some nice mail there.


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