dimanche 28 octobre 2012

On a cold Sunday...

Hello readers! Has Winter already come where you live? Here it has come all of a sudden: on Friday we had ~15°C, and today when I woke up it was only 4°C outside! And when my mother phoned me later today she told me that there was a little snow in my village this morning! :)
Do you like Winter? I think you all know that I do, so I obviously won't complain about the weather at the moment :)

On this cold Sunday I'm pretty self-satisfied as I've been very efficient today: I finished writing a letter to a penpal in Poland, washed the floor, and cleaned and tidied my desk, which was really, really needed.
See yourself!
It's much more motivating to have a neat work place, don't you think?

And as it's Sunday, let's talk about the "4 things Sunday"!

Last week I challenged myself to:

  • write one letter: done. I even wrote three!
  • clean the whole bathroom: done. I even did more cleaning (see above :) )
  • read two things in Norwegian: done
  • finish reading one book for my thesis: failed. For 10 pages only! >.<" I'll complete it this evening, though.
And now, my goals for the upcoming week:
  • type my notes from lectures
  • buy winter shoes
  • write four letters (it's my autumn break and the next letters in my pile aren't very long ones so it should be okay)
  • do some exercise
What are your goals for this week, dear readers? 

Love, Tári

4 commentaires:

  1. Your desk is really neat! Mine is amazingly messy! :D Hope you'll reach your goal! My goal: Complete a 1500 words essay and finish my 3 practical reports. :(

    1. Mine is always amazingly messy ;) (unless when I've just tidied it, but it's not that often)

      Good luck with your goals! :)

  2. Ha, I love to organize my workplace, indeed it's much more motivating!

    And I DO love winter! Unfortunately, I live on a very hot place and it's now spring. About 35ºC right now. :(

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. Aww, 35°C is horrible! I hope you won't melt because of this heat! ;)


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