lundi 30 avril 2012

April's mail

April 30th, time for the monthly post :D So here's all the mail I got in April. This month started really slow regarding to mail, but in the last week I've been spoiled! I got two letters today again. So actually it ended up being quite a good mail month, though at the beginning I was expecting a poor month.
I got ten letters (but because of my exams, 8 of them are still waiting for a reply + the letter I got through Make my Day. 9 letters to reply! Urgh D: I'm gonna die)

Ten letters, so that means 0.33 letters per day, or a letter every 3 days.
Average distance traveled: 1916,9 km.
Shortest distance traveled: 828 km, from Pommelsbrunn, Bavaria, Germany
Longest distance traveled: 5845 km from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

By the way, for my penpals: I created a listography document to let you know where I am in my pile of letters.

Have a nice May, my dear 51 (well, have I really so many?! ) followers!

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Unexpectedly fast stationery

On Tuesday I ordered a stationery grab bag from "La Papierre". For those who don't know, "La Papierre" is the Etsy shop of Julie from Penpal of the Week. You definitely should check it if you haven't already. She has awesome stationery sets *.*
So, well, I ordered this stationery from her on Tuesday, and as she's from Canada, far, far away from France, I wasn't expecting it to come before one or two weeks. I was wrong. Opening my mailbox today, I had the (very nice) surprise to find... my order! Canadian mail deserves a medal for being so fast!

Look at the envelope with all the nice Canadian stamps!

Inside was my stationery. I didn't know which designs I was going to get, but as all designs from Julie's shop are beautiful, I was certain to get something nice! And I was lucky, in fact, because I got my two favourite designs!

Butterfly fairy - my second favourite:

Love Post:

Madame Bat - my absolute favourite:

The Writer:

True Friends:

And lastly, Julie also included two postcards. I'll draw randomly two persons out of all my penpals to be the lucky recipients!

I'm done with the main part of my exams now (all the mathematics stuff), so I'll probably write one or two letters next week, before starting studying again for the second (and last) part of the exams. My pile of letters starts getting huge so I need to make it smaller!

jeudi 26 avril 2012

Good mail days are back!

After a rather sad period of empty mailbox, now it seems the mailman found the way to my home back :D Yesterday I got the Make my Day package, and today there were two letters waiting for me in the mail!

One from Ramona in Germany, and one from Jennifer in England :)
I especially liked the English stamp:
Though the German one was nice, too ;)

And look what Ramona sealed her letter with! It's so funny! :D
I guess the best way to show you this little thing is a video, so here it is :)

Ramona showed me her French skills! Look out:
Do you know all these words? ^^

And she decorated her papers with nice drawings:

Now the letter from Jennifer, the envie came open :O What a shame! But hopefully nothing was missing. All the lovely Diddl pages reached me :)
As well as a nice self made Hello Kitty drawing!
Well, she's better at drawing Hello Kitty, than I am! Though this kitty is one of my favourite characters to draw ;)

Hoping for a nice mail day for you, too, dear readers!

mercredi 25 avril 2012

Make my Day!

Well, earlier today I posted that I felt sad because of no mail... well, I need to update this entry. The mailman came later that usual today. I checked the mailbox at 11.30 am and it was still empty, while normally the mailman comes around 10.30 am. But later in the afternoon when I left home I checked the mailbox again (yes, I can check the mail several times in the same day if I found it empty the first time ^^), and there were something inside!!

Do you know "Make my Day"? If you don't, you really have to check it! Once a week Bubbles offer to make your day with a mail related item.
And today, I've been the lucky winner! :D It was a package of mysterious items, and it was really worth it. I loved everything! Yes, it really made my day!

Look, this is my package!

So, what's inside...?
Lovely Diddl bag!

A little note from Bubbles... very nice handwriting, don't you think?

Easter chocolate... it's never too late for this kind of things, hehe
No, I haven't eaten them all... yet ^^

Deco tape:

Shaped buttons:

Writing papers... so lovely!

Paper blossoms:


Aaaand... I also won a 'secret letter'!
Bubbles' project was that people send her an email with an introduction of them, then she print it on nice paper and offer the letter as a 'Make my Day' item. Nice way to meet new penpals, don't you think? So I got a lovely letter from Andra in Romania. She sounds a very nice girl and I will definitely write her back!

I hope all of you had a nice mail day, dear followers! <3

Empty days...

Bouhouhou T__T... It's a no letter period for me at the moment. No time to write letters (I write mathematics exercises instead), and no letters coming in my mailbox... Though I know several letters are on the way to me, but the post is doing damn slow... :(

Plus, it keeps raining outside, even the sun isn't here to cheer me up! But anyways, yesterday there was a really nice rainbow! :)

Okay, this was a totally random post and a rather sad post but... hopefully soon everything will be alright again!

dimanche 15 avril 2012

A lovely letter that brought the sun back

Well, not really, as it's still raining and raining outside, but at least this lovely letter from Marie in Germany on very spring themed stationery brought the sun back in my heart (isn't it poetical? ^^)

Lovely envelope with a lovely bunny:

Her letter, a long letter, just like I love letters to be ;) And her handwriting is even smaller than mine! I had never found someone whose handwriting was as small as mine ^^

And finally, a tea bag! Marie is also a tea lover, yay!
Does anyone know what fruit "rooibos" is? My German knowledge go away from me day after day... D:

mercredi 11 avril 2012

New stamps have arrived!

My last stamp order took longer than usual to arrive, but finally it reached my mailbox today. I'm always so excited when I receive new stamps. I think to all the beautiful letters I'll send with, and all the beautiful letters I'll get back! ;)

Here's the order. So, what's inside...?

First, a new stamp design, very springlike, with all these flowers!

Do you know "Le Petit Nicolas"? He's a character from a French kids' novel that I loved when I was around 10 years old. So it made me smile when I saw stamps with him! I had to order them!

And stamps showing places in Copenhagen (Denmark). The Scandinavia fanatic I am didn't think twice, and added them to her order as soon as she saw them! Couldn't resist! Haha! Some of my pals like Scandinavia as well, so I'll use them for their letters :)

And the traditional bunch of 0.10 € stamps to complete the postage... I always need a lot of them.

I'm very productive regarding letters writing at the moment, so my pile is getting smaller and smaller very fast... I hope my pals will send me letters soon, otherwise I'll miss something to write! D: But, wait, I have my exams coming soon, so actually it may be good not to have to many letters ;)

mardi 10 avril 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #3

Let's go for the third part of my challenge! I still have ideas, hehe!

  1. Admit it: you always forget to check the mail because you don't expect anything else than bills and junk mail.
  2. There's nothing better to bring your smile back than finding a nice letter in the box after a tiring day.
  3. I'm sure the mailman likes to deliver some colorful envelops among all the plain white ones from times to times. Snail mail also make the mail people feel happy!
  4. You'll notice new things in your neighborhood: for instance, before starting snail mail I had never noticed I cross a postbox every day on my way to the bus stop.
  5. Since penpalling is an unusual hobby, the penpalling world is small. Joining it is like entering a big family. The Penpalling and Letters group on Facebook works as a proof of what I'm saying!
  6. Running to the mailbox every day is a good way to make a bit of sport daily.
  7. If you think you'll hate Mondays all your life long, try snail mail, and you'll see what will happen :D
  8. I'm sure you own a lot of fancy pens that you don't know what you use for: what about writing letters?
  9. Letters are written correctly: no slang words, no "you" written "u", "are" written "r" and so on, as it often happen in an email. If you, like me, can't stand this awful way of writing, snail mail is for you!
  10. Have you ever read a blog about emails. Would you be interesting reading such a blog? Have you ever though about blogging on your email correspondences? Personally, I'd answer "no" to all these questions.

Let's keep snail mail alive! <3

vendredi 6 avril 2012

Happy Easter!

I know I am a little bit early, but who cares? 

Easter time, so time for Easter mail! :) I love to adapt my stationery to the season, so the latest outgoing was in Easter themed envelops! 

But let's start this post with a pic of the lovely handmade Easter card I got from my Norwegian pal, Lise:
I wish I could send cards for Easter to all my penpals, but my money says: NO!!

And now, as promised, the latest outgoing:
To Jennifer, UK:

To Olivera, Macedonia:
The envie isn't filled yet, I'm still in progress with the letter. I hope to finish it this evening so that I could post it tomorrow morning on my way to the railway station.

I also sent an Easter themed letter to Ksenia in Ukraine, but I forgot to take a picture of it before leaving it in the mail... -.-"

Have a nice Easter, people! <3

dimanche 1 avril 2012

Books are love

Remember some days ago I wrote that I won a book giveaway? Yesterday I finally got my prize! And when the woman at the reception of the book fair gave me a heavy bag contening... 10 books, I could not believe my eyes. I didn't expect so many!

This bag is full of books :)

Now let's look at all these books one by one:
Map of Bones by James Rollins
Dead Simple by Peter James
Library of the dead, by Glenn Cooper

Dortoir Interdit by Serge Brussolo (don't think it has been translated into English)
L'homme aux papillons by David Moitet (don't think it has been translated either)
The Third Secret by Steve Berry

Telling Tales by Ann Cleaves
The Fall by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
Conjuration Casanova by Giacometti and Ravenne
Promise me by Harlan Coben

Have you already read some of them? Which one do you advice me to read first?
Too bad I'm full of homework for the weeks to come... having such a big pile of unread books is so tempting...