dimanche 15 avril 2012

A lovely letter that brought the sun back

Well, not really, as it's still raining and raining outside, but at least this lovely letter from Marie in Germany on very spring themed stationery brought the sun back in my heart (isn't it poetical? ^^)

Lovely envelope with a lovely bunny:

Her letter, a long letter, just like I love letters to be ;) And her handwriting is even smaller than mine! I had never found someone whose handwriting was as small as mine ^^

And finally, a tea bag! Marie is also a tea lover, yay!
Does anyone know what fruit "rooibos" is? My German knowledge go away from me day after day... D:

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  1. Even the best German knowledge wouldn't help you Tári. ;) It's "rooibos" btw. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooibos I can't explain it and also didn't know what it is before. Somehow I didn't wonder about it. But good to know now. :)

  2. Oh, yes, I made a typing mistake, will correct it right away :)
    I didn't know rooibos. Now I know ^^

  3. Rooibos. A fruit. I'll kill you someday, sweetie n_n

  4. My apologies if this mistakes hurt you, dear :D Now I know rooibos isn't a fruit, but as I had NEVER heard of before, I thought it was the German word for a fruit.

  5. Hi Tari
    The person who won my It's a mystery items never e-mailed me their address so I decided to choose someone else as the package is taking up room on my desk. Please can you e-mail me your home address.

  6. Oh, that's a great new! I will send you my address in minute :)

  7. I am from the Netherlands and German & Dutch is quite similar (we also call it rooibos). I don't know the name in English, but I just looked it up and the latin name of the plant is 'Aspalathus linearis'. Maybe that helps? haha :)




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