lundi 30 avril 2012

April's mail

April 30th, time for the monthly post :D So here's all the mail I got in April. This month started really slow regarding to mail, but in the last week I've been spoiled! I got two letters today again. So actually it ended up being quite a good mail month, though at the beginning I was expecting a poor month.
I got ten letters (but because of my exams, 8 of them are still waiting for a reply + the letter I got through Make my Day. 9 letters to reply! Urgh D: I'm gonna die)

Ten letters, so that means 0.33 letters per day, or a letter every 3 days.
Average distance traveled: 1916,9 km.
Shortest distance traveled: 828 km, from Pommelsbrunn, Bavaria, Germany
Longest distance traveled: 5845 km from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

By the way, for my penpals: I created a listography document to let you know where I am in my pile of letters.

Have a nice May, my dear 51 (well, have I really so many?! ) followers!

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  1. I see mine!!! and that is a cool idea, keeping a record of the longest distance and shortest distance, I might write those stats in my own record book :)

  2. Thats great you eventually received so much mail :), I would love it to take on more friends to write to just to receive mail but in reality there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything :( so I'll just make do with what I have.

  3. Days are always to short... I'm lucky enough to have a lot of free time so I can handle with many pals, but that's smart from you not to take more if you can't handle with all the replies.

  4. That's a nice pile of mail you got :)

  5. Hi there. :) This is Lady Kay and I just wanted to thank you for posting my link! I am so flattered that you enjoy reading my blog. :D :D :D

    - k

  6. You're blog is very nice, sure I enjoy reading it! ;)


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