vendredi 27 avril 2012

Unexpectedly fast stationery

On Tuesday I ordered a stationery grab bag from "La Papierre". For those who don't know, "La Papierre" is the Etsy shop of Julie from Penpal of the Week. You definitely should check it if you haven't already. She has awesome stationery sets *.*
So, well, I ordered this stationery from her on Tuesday, and as she's from Canada, far, far away from France, I wasn't expecting it to come before one or two weeks. I was wrong. Opening my mailbox today, I had the (very nice) surprise to find... my order! Canadian mail deserves a medal for being so fast!

Look at the envelope with all the nice Canadian stamps!

Inside was my stationery. I didn't know which designs I was going to get, but as all designs from Julie's shop are beautiful, I was certain to get something nice! And I was lucky, in fact, because I got my two favourite designs!

Butterfly fairy - my second favourite:

Love Post:

Madame Bat - my absolute favourite:

The Writer:

True Friends:

And lastly, Julie also included two postcards. I'll draw randomly two persons out of all my penpals to be the lucky recipients!

I'm done with the main part of my exams now (all the mathematics stuff), so I'll probably write one or two letters next week, before starting studying again for the second (and last) part of the exams. My pile of letters starts getting huge so I need to make it smaller!

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  1. The post can be so unexpected sometimes but its nice when thing arrive so quickly and even better when they are something we've been looking forward to :)

  2. Oh, je suis contente que les papiers soient arrivés aussi rapidement chez toi! Et aussi bien heureuse de savoir que tes deux modèles favoris étaient inclus dans le grab bag. La vie fait bien les choses parfois! :)

    Julie xox

  3. Good great sweet stuff and letters.


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