mardi 10 avril 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #3

Let's go for the third part of my challenge! I still have ideas, hehe!

  1. Admit it: you always forget to check the mail because you don't expect anything else than bills and junk mail.
  2. There's nothing better to bring your smile back than finding a nice letter in the box after a tiring day.
  3. I'm sure the mailman likes to deliver some colorful envelops among all the plain white ones from times to times. Snail mail also make the mail people feel happy!
  4. You'll notice new things in your neighborhood: for instance, before starting snail mail I had never noticed I cross a postbox every day on my way to the bus stop.
  5. Since penpalling is an unusual hobby, the penpalling world is small. Joining it is like entering a big family. The Penpalling and Letters group on Facebook works as a proof of what I'm saying!
  6. Running to the mailbox every day is a good way to make a bit of sport daily.
  7. If you think you'll hate Mondays all your life long, try snail mail, and you'll see what will happen :D
  8. I'm sure you own a lot of fancy pens that you don't know what you use for: what about writing letters?
  9. Letters are written correctly: no slang words, no "you" written "u", "are" written "r" and so on, as it often happen in an email. If you, like me, can't stand this awful way of writing, snail mail is for you!
  10. Have you ever read a blog about emails. Would you be interesting reading such a blog? Have you ever though about blogging on your email correspondences? Personally, I'd answer "no" to all these questions.

Let's keep snail mail alive! <3

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