mercredi 11 avril 2012

New stamps have arrived!

My last stamp order took longer than usual to arrive, but finally it reached my mailbox today. I'm always so excited when I receive new stamps. I think to all the beautiful letters I'll send with, and all the beautiful letters I'll get back! ;)

Here's the order. So, what's inside...?

First, a new stamp design, very springlike, with all these flowers!

Do you know "Le Petit Nicolas"? He's a character from a French kids' novel that I loved when I was around 10 years old. So it made me smile when I saw stamps with him! I had to order them!

And stamps showing places in Copenhagen (Denmark). The Scandinavia fanatic I am didn't think twice, and added them to her order as soon as she saw them! Couldn't resist! Haha! Some of my pals like Scandinavia as well, so I'll use them for their letters :)

And the traditional bunch of 0.10 € stamps to complete the postage... I always need a lot of them.

I'm very productive regarding letters writing at the moment, so my pile is getting smaller and smaller very fast... I hope my pals will send me letters soon, otherwise I'll miss something to write! D: But, wait, I have my exams coming soon, so actually it may be good not to have to many letters ;)

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  1. Oh, they are all great Tári! :) I'm envious, Germany should make such nice stamps as well. :D The flower stamps are very beautiful, I especially love the one with the poppies. :) and what a coincidence, just a few hours before I looked for second-hand Petit Nicolas books and discovered that there are also stamps! ;) The Copenhagen stamps are cute as well, I've been there last summer and it's nice to see all those lovely sights on stamps!

  2. Knowing that I'll keep one Petit Nicolas stamp for your letter then ;)
    And you have to know that I am officially jealous on you who've been to Copenhagen!

  3. Wow! Le petit Nicolas - stamps! Great!

  4. these stamps are really really lovely!! can you only order them online, or also buy in shops? :) i'm going on a 4 week course to France in a couple of weeks, and will definitely write some cards & letters, so it would be so much fun to have such lovely stamps :D thanks in advance!

  5. Ohh...I love those flower stamps and the traditional .10 Euro stamps! So lovely! I always love looking at the beautiful stamps on envelopes! :) I wish we had some pretty stamps to choose from here.

  6. Marlou, I always buy my stamps online but I'm sure that if you go to the post office and ask the employees, you can get some nice stamps.

  7. These are so lovely! :) I esp. love the ones of flowers!


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