jeudi 26 avril 2012

Good mail days are back!

After a rather sad period of empty mailbox, now it seems the mailman found the way to my home back :D Yesterday I got the Make my Day package, and today there were two letters waiting for me in the mail!

One from Ramona in Germany, and one from Jennifer in England :)
I especially liked the English stamp:
Though the German one was nice, too ;)

And look what Ramona sealed her letter with! It's so funny! :D
I guess the best way to show you this little thing is a video, so here it is :)

Ramona showed me her French skills! Look out:
Do you know all these words? ^^

And she decorated her papers with nice drawings:

Now the letter from Jennifer, the envie came open :O What a shame! But hopefully nothing was missing. All the lovely Diddl pages reached me :)
As well as a nice self made Hello Kitty drawing!
Well, she's better at drawing Hello Kitty, than I am! Though this kitty is one of my favourite characters to draw ;)

Hoping for a nice mail day for you, too, dear readers!

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  1. Haha! That Hello Kitty was just a doodle xD But I'm glad the letter actually got to you and that everything was there!

  2. Hi, thank you for following my blog :) you also got a new follower now ;)
    Your blog is very nice, I'm always glad to find new mail related blog to look at. Snail mail is so beautiful, and you seem to receiving a lot of pretty letters and parcels :)

    If you'd like a pen pal from Italy let me know :D you seem the kind of person I could get along with ^^

    x Fab (wreckthisgirl)

  3. How cute :D Great mails :) A letter can always make your day ^^ I love pen palling too <3

    Many greetings


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