vendredi 4 mai 2012

Full mail week

This week was one of the rare weeks during which I get mail every day. I actually can't remember the last time such a good mail week happened. Too bad it happens just during an exam period. Now I have a huge pile of letters waiting to be replied...

So, on Monday I got two letters from Estonia and Netherlands, both of them including a tea bag but I've already drunk them, hehe

Tuesday was a day off in France, so the mailman (or the mail lady, it's a women who delivers the mail in my area) didn't come.

Wednesday brought a letter from Lise, along with a postcard from Nordland, a region in Northern Norway, where she lives, and two teabags (this time I managed to take the pic before drinking them)

Ksenia's long letter came on Thursday. I found the envelope so cute :) And she also enclosed a tea bag! Haha, my penpals all know about my love for tea ;)

And today (Friday) my mailbox has been fed with a letter from Shelby, my new penpal from the USA. The only letter of the week without a tea bag, hehe.

My pile of letters to reply is 10 letters high at the moment. Urgh D: Yet I'm not expecting so much mail next week (I just know there's a letter from Lithuania on my way, and maybe a letter from Holland, too), so the pile should stop growing. Not that I'm complaining about getting mail, not at all, but it's stressing when you've such a big pile of letters to reply and so little time because of studies.

Anyways, at the beginning of the week I took some days off from studying (I guess I deserved a break after being done with the first and main part of my exams), and I managed to write two letters:

The first one is to Marie in Germany. Be prepared for lots of pages, dear ;)

And this orange envelope goes to the lovely Annalise in England:

And now, let's go back to studies! Once I'll be done with all my exams I won't have a crazy party with alcohol, cigarettes and such as a lot of my classmates are planning to have, but a letter writing party! Much more fun, believe me! :D

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  1. So nice to see my letter here! :) I hope you'll like the tea :)

  2. Great mail you've got and send :)
    I hope mine will come next week, it's already travelling for a week and one day -_-
    Haha, I agree about your idea of celebrating after exams, I'll do the same ;D

  3. Ksenia: I'm drinking your tea right now. I like it a lot :)

    Almante, well, I really hope your letter will arrive tomorrow, or next week. It's been travelling for longer than usual D:

  4. gotta love mail :) :)

    ps: i found that little stationery section at Monoprix. nothing too fancy, but aweeesooomeee for someone who had the very most of her things at home :)

  5. There's a Monoprix not so far from my home. I should have a look there, then :) Thanks for the info!

  6. I love the map postcard you got. This kind of postcards are my fav!


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