vendredi 11 mai 2012

Almost full mail week!

My penpals keep spoiling me at the moment! :D This week my mailbox was happy almost every day.

On Monday came a letter from Emelie, my new Swedish pal I met through Facebook:

Tuesday was a day off (on May 8th we celebrate the end of the second world war in France)

Wednesday, coming back home after an exam, I found a letter from the always lovely Norwegian Marita :) She showed me pictures of her new house, it sounds a little paradise:

Thursday, empty mailbox.

And on Friday (today), my dear mailbox was super happy! Two letters, from Sara in Italy and Michi in Poland, along with 3 tea bags, they will be highly appreciated during the letter writing party I'll start this week end ;)
Look at Michi's amazing drawing on the envelope! I wish I had so awesome drawing skills...

So much mail I got these last weeks! I guess I should expect empty weeks to come soon, as all my pals seem to have decided to reply at the same time...
Now that I'm officially on Summer holidays (yes, already in May |D) I'll start my letter writing party! I actually already wrote a letter yesterday evening (but forgot to take a picture of it before mailing it out this afternoon). Today I'm giving my wrist a little break (I wrote a lot during these exams) and the party will start this week end! My pile is 12 letters high now so I'll have lots of fun, hehe!

Wishing you tons of nice mail, people!

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  1. The drawing on the last envelope is VERY nice ! Wished I could draw like that too :)

  2. Another awesome Michi's drawing *__*
    What a great mail week you had, I'm so jealous now.

  3. Michi's drawing always are awesome <3
    Yes, I've been spoilt with mail lately, I won't get bored these holidays! :D


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