mardi 15 mai 2012

My first letter from South America! (and some other random stuff)

Today my mailbox got the visit from a letter from South America for the first time. It was a Brazilian letter, from my new pal Bruna from Rio de Janeiro. It was a lovely letter, but sadly, the first page was glued to the envelope :S So I had to totally destroy this poor envie to pick the paper without damaging it too much T.T That's a shame, I always keep the envelopes with my letters so I always take care of them when opening them.
Anyways, hopefully the content is safe!

Another letter to add to the letter writing party! Which has already started, actually :) I wrote 3 letters in 4 days, I could even have written 4 letters in 4 days if another event yesterday didn't change my plans.
So here is the latest outgoing:

Dragonflies to Germany:

Green bubbles to Finland:

Sweet little bear to Estonia:

I still have 10 more letters to write, yay! Don't stop the party! :D

And today I bought my calligraphy equipment! A nib-holder + 3 nibs, and ink. And I borrowed a calligraphy book at the library. I'm ready to start! It's so exciting! I'll post pictures of my first tries once I'll be satisfied enough to show them ;)

Hope your mailboxes were happy today, dear followers! <3

4 commentaires:

  1. I want to see your calligraphy skills!

  2. Yay, let's keep the party going! I wish I could join but I only have Michi's letter I'm replying to.
    Woah, good luck with calligraphy. I have the same stuff, but I bought it for manga :'D

  3. Wow some really good stuff there lucky you.

  4. Good luck with your calligraphy! I'm looking forward to seeing how it's like! :)


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