vendredi 12 octobre 2012


Three, it's the number of incoming letters, as well as the number of outgoing letters this week. Perfect balance between incoming and outgoing so, but it still doesn't mean I'm caught up! I have... *counts* 12 more letters awaiting for reply. Ugh.

However, that's enough of complaining! I got three great letters this week so let me show them to you! ^^
First a pink letter from Teja in Slovenia. She told me the envelope was scented, but unfortunately the smell completely faded along the way :(
She also sent a tea, and the tiny rabbit is actually an eraser. But I don't think I'll use it, it's so cute!

A letter from Ramona in Germany. I wasn't expecting this one, but it was however very nice to receive it.
A close up on a little detail of the letter that made me smile :)
Don't you think it's so funny? ;)

And finally a letter from Sara in Italy, I hadn't heard of her for ages so it was really nice to catch up with her news!

I wrote three letters this week. Two over these three are quite long, so despite the fact that I haven't so much time to devote to letter writing, I've still been quite efficient!

The first one is to Teresa in the USA. I used my new Autumn themed stationery for this letter, although she told me she doesn't like Autumn. But still, the paper is beautiful so I'm pretty sure she'll like it anyways!

Autumn themed paper again, this time for a letter to Sille in Estonia:

And the third and last outgoing letter of this week is to Audrey.
Although she lives in Germany, she's French, so I wrote her in French. And it was quite a challenge, even if French is my native language. For all my readers who aren't English native speakers, do you write letters in your native language? If so, how do you feel about it? I really feel uncomfortable writing letters in French, but as writing in English to a fellow French would be a nonsense, I have to go over this feeling.

That's all for now! Have a nice week end, readers!
Love, Tári

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  1. I write my letters in English, French or German... I don't mind any of them :) I wish I'd also be able to write in Spanish, though.

  2. I write to most of my penpals in English even though I have some with whom I correspond in Spanish. I also write in German to some, but it feels soooo weird - also, I usually don't do typos when I'm writing something in German but while letter-writing I do. I somehow mix it up with English and then it's just weird.

  3. I am sorry you still have many letters to get done. I am happy you got done 3 letters that is a start. I loved the fall paper so pretty looking.

    It is pretty cool to write in none English. I only know English so I only do English. I wish I could do it in Ukraine or French.

  4. I write all my letters in English. I am quite rubbish when it comes to writing in my native language (Hindi) and I don't have any pen pals who speak Hindi either xD

  5. Nice letters *v*! I write in english and spanish, that‘s all, LOL!

  6. I feel uncomfortable to write in my native language too. Why is it so? But I don't have Polish penpals so I don't need to write in it.

  7. I use English with most of my penpals but as I still have some Finnish pals - or pals who are fluent in Finnish some of my letters are in Finnish.. From time to time it's a bit harder to write in my native language but thank god 99% of my Finnish pals understand English and forgive me from jumping between Finnish and English :D

  8. I write in English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Czech... and I also try to write a tiny bit in Hungarian ;) And I'm a native speaker of Polish and Ukrainian. I think I feel the most comfortable writing in Ukrainian, because that's the language I use the most often in real life, but most of my letters are in English.

  9. Thank you for all your reactions! :) That's nice to see I'm not the only one having troubles writing letters in my own language. I do feel really weird when I'm searching desperately for the right word in French while I would immediately know which word to use in English XD
    I'm however very envious of all of you who can write letters in so many languages!


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