vendredi 19 octobre 2012

How can I still get mail...

... while I owe/have just sent a letter to almost all my penpals???
Apparently, there are still people who're not waiting or have just received a reply from me, because my mailbox didn't remain empty all week long as I expected. Well, it wasn't a flood of incoming mail for me, only two letters, but still, it's more than what I was expecting!
And guess what? I know that there are two other letters heading my way at the moment. How is that possible?!

Anyways. The first letter this week came on Wednesday, from the Netherlands.

And the second letter came today, from my lovely Michi in Poland. Her letter really made my day, it was so awesome and cute, as always <3 (and if I had only the half of her creative mind I'd be the happiest girl in the world)
A close up on the envelope because it's really worth it ;)

And now on to the outgoing mail, first a letter to Simona in Lithuania:
(yes, it's a face you can see on the envelope. A face made of plenty of other tiny faces :) Nice, isn't it?)

And then a long letter to Ksenia in Ukraine. 11 A4 pages, it's one of my longest letters actually. And I'm really glad because I've been quite fast to write it, I didn't expect to have it finished today but in fact I even finished it yesterday afternoon!

That's all for my mail related news for this week! I wish you a lovely week end, my dear readers! :)

Love, Tári

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  1. Every thing look's really good\great.

  2. Wow, great mail! You friend really is very creative. I love her drawings. :)


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