mercredi 29 février 2012

February's mail

I was about to post it yesterday, but then I suddenly realized this year February has 29 days! So one more day when I can get mail :3
Indeed, I got mail today, and which mail!
A letter from my Polish pal Michi. An amazing letter in the most amazing envelop I've ever received *.* I had already seen the envelop on her blog before she send it, but it is even more beautiful in real
Look out:
 The letter, with a nice postcard and some tea <3
I love her handwriting, it's so beautiful and neat! She's my penpal who has the most awesome handwriting <3

And finally, here are all the letters I got in February. The shortest month of the whole year, but not the shortest month of mail! I got ten letters in 29 days, which means 0.01 letters per day, or a letter every 3 days or almost. (Yes, I'm a statistician, and I do statistics about anything and everything ^^")
One day, I'll tidy my desk. One day... >.<"

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  1. I'm still waiting for my mail man to come today >,< if he comes at all! (it's 12:40 and he usually comes at 12:50!) :( This month I've received 24 letters ^.^ I love to see how much mail others get! It would be cool to see this again next month :3

  2. 24 letters, how cool! :3 Almost a letter a day ;)

    Sure, you'll see the same post next month too :)


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