jeudi 1 mars 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #2

Let's go for the second part of my challenge: finding 100 reasons to send handwritten letters :3

  1.  You will discover that writing a big amount a pages isn't worth an effort. Because no one obliges you to write a minimal number of pages like for a school essay. You just take a pen and let the words fill the paper, page after page.
  2. When you write a letter, you are obliged to express your thoughts clearly, because your pal can't ask you "what do you mean by saying that?" So you'll improve your writing skills- even if you write in your native language.
  3. Letters use paper. Paper is made by trees- so writing letters kills trees, are you going to say. Yes, but paper is 100% recyclable. Computers aren't.
  4. Do you imagine yourself showing your old emails to your grandchildren with pride and nostalgia?
  5. If you collect stamps, don't you think it's better to get them from the letters of your beloved penpals, than buying them in philatelic stores?
  6. You can improve your artistic skills creating envelops or decorating your papers.
  7. Do you want a hobby that will make you different and give you something to tell? Snail mail then! ;)
  8. I may be a little selfish, but I love the idea that someone far away is waiting impatiently for my letter to come, spends some of her time just for me when replying, and thinks about me while buying stationery.
  9. It's always funny to see how people look at you when you're about to put several colorful envelops in a postbox ^^"
  10. Snail mailing will give you the opportunity to make your brain work to try finding answers to questions like: where do lost letters go? or how can a letter addressed to France be missent to Thailand?

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  1. I agree with all of these reasons! Thanks for sharing this. I just wish more people would understand and know the great things that come from snail mail! :D

  2. Hey! Just wanna say thanks for following my blog. :) Very nice post. I would also add more to the 8th reason because always when I have a letter to write I can't wait to send it! :) It's not only about the person who get it. ;)
    Have a great day.

  3. You're welcome, Ania :)
    Haha, I agree with what you'd add, I feel the same, too :D


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