jeudi 22 mars 2012

A boring day that ends up being awesome

Today started veeeery boring. I stayed half of the day at home with nothing to do, until I finally decided I could not stay at home when it's so sunny outside.
So, I went out, and did a bit of shopping :) Penpal related stuff, as always XD
First I bought a new fountain pen:
I've always wanted to have a fountain pen like that ;)

And I also bought an Alice in Wonderland notebook to keep track of the letters sent and received:
...and back :)

I started right away to fill it... with my new pen!

And this evening came the good news, that achieved to make my day more than awesome.  Some days ago I took part in a book giveaway, and today I received an email to let me know I was one of the winners! I can't believe it!! I took part in the giveaway just for fun, I didn't think I would indeed win :D I don't know which books I'll get yet (I just know it'll be crime novels). Can't wait till April 1st I get my prize! 

2 commentaires:

  1. Ahh that notebook is so cute ^.^ I want to start keeping track of my mail in a notebook but I have it all on listography... then again I have like 50 notebooks that are just empty and waiting to be filled... *sigh* maybe I will ;D

  2. I need to keep track of the letters sent and received since I like to make statistics about them ;) I envy you having so many notebooks!


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