jeudi 15 mars 2012

Who doesn't like Air Mail envelops?

Definitely not me ;)
I was so desperately looking for Air mail envelops, that I finally decided to make them myself. I have quite a lot  of boring plain white envelops, so with blue and red felt-tip pens, it was childishly simple to transform some of them into cute Air Mail ones :)
 Well, I still can improve them, but I'm quite satisfied with the result yet :)
The first ones will travel soon!

6 commentaires:

  1. those are beautiful!! I wish I had the time to do something like that!

  2. Aww they are so cute! They have a certain charm that they are home made ;) I will send you some Air Mail envelopes in my letter okay? :D

  3. Really? It would be awesome, thank you so much! :3

  4. these are cute! thanks for following :)

  5. Thank you! And you're welcome :)

  6. you did such a good job!!! i love air mail envelopes as well :) so simply, yet amazing.


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