mardi 27 mars 2012

Enlarge your horizons

Today I got a letter from Destiny in the USA! My first letter coming from outside the European continent. It traveled 8326 kilometers to reach me :)
 Such a lovely letter! The envelop is awesome, don't you think? I picked it it my mailbox just before going to classes so it was a real torture having to wait four hours before reading it XD
I'm in love with the love stamps as well. The one on the top was a little unstuck: did the mailman also love them and tried to steal them? Nasty man! >.<"

And here is the letter, with a nice postcard, and a pressed penny from Peach Arch. Destiny went there and she got me a pressed penny, how nice!

My hand look so weird on the picture, don't you think? -.-"

Hope you all had a great mail day today! <3

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  1. Wow really pretty lovely I love letters and pen-pals too you do a amazing blog.


Thanks for your comment! :)