dimanche 4 mars 2012

Sunday's mail

Before you start wondering, no, mail isn't deliver on Sundays in France. But I'm never at home on Saturdays so I can check the mailbox only on Sundays. So, for me there's mail on Sundays, but not on Saturdays :)

Nice surprise, when I came back home today, two letters were waiting in the mailbox. Funny, both of them were in green envelops!

Spring themed paper and a cute postcard from Teja, Slovenia:

So cute gifts from Marita, Norway! *.*
I wonder if they are handmade? ;)

There's a feeling of Spring in the air! I love it. I'm definitely a Winter person, but Spring comes in second place in the list of my favourite seasons ;) 
Yesterday I wrote a letter in front of this landscape. My first letter written outside this year! It was awesome *.*

3 commentaires:

  1. I love the envelopes! especially the one with dots ^^
    I should try to write in another place besides home..Did you get more inspired writing over there? Looks beautiful !

  2. I don't know if I got more inspired, but sure it was very nice :)

  3. I totally envy you, because here in Croatia, we don't have mail delivered on Saturday :(


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