vendredi 1 février 2013

Mail keeps on coming...

... and my to-reply pile keeps on growing :S That's the only downside about full mail weeks, actually, especially since I have much work to do for uni. The two first weeks of spring semester were quite "light" considering homework, but now it starts getting much busier... So that means I'll have less time to shorten my  piles of mail. Yet as my penpals seemed to have decided to all send me a letter these last weeks, I'm very likely to get no mail at all for a little while, so although I prefer when there's a letter in the mailbox, a no mail period would be welcome since my to-reply folder is about to crack! It's way too full! :/

Anyway. I'm still happy to get mail! :D And let's have a look at what I got this week:
First, a letter from Anne Mette in Denmark:
By the way, the black "thing" on top is a ribbon! It doesn't show up so well in the pic. She used it to attach the sheets together :)

Then a letter from Jenny N in the Netherlands, on Mexican themed paper ;) She also included a Winter tea in her envelope. Last Autumn she sent me an Autumn tea, so now I'm waiting for the Spring and Summer teas from her ;) That's so great they have "seasonal teas" over there in the Netherlands, I wish we had in France as well!
At the end of her letter she said that after finishing a letter to me, she feels well, because she has written all she had in mind and feels relaxed. This was so touching reading that sentence. What's the most touching thing  a penpal has ever told you? (if you don't mind sharing, of course!)

I also received a letter from Sille in Estonia, as well as a birthday card

Letter from Reetta in Finland. Funny, on the pic the color of the envelope is so different than the real color! Normally it's more like the color I used to cover the address. I guess that's because of the flashlight, but still, it's strange.

And finally, a letter from Teja in Slovenia. I got it in a little yellow plastic bag because the envelope got torn and open along the way :( I hope nothing is missing. She sent a card and a cute little birthday present. And even her little sister is wishing me a happy birthday! Look at the little drawing below the postcard, it's from Teja's 6-year-old sister. How lovely!

As I didn't have too much homework yet this week, I still could write three letters (though one is quite short). The first one, using the paper I got from Tanja and the pen I got from Laura, is to Maiju is Finland

Then to Nora in Norway, I made the envelope out of an old magazine cover

And to Simona, Lithuania. I used one of the envelopes I got from Teresa.

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Love, Tári

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  1. We have winter tea and I also sent it to my penpals. Though it's with cinnamon so I never tried it myself. But I never saw autumn, spring or summer tea here...
    I love that red-ish winter stationery.


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