jeudi 31 janvier 2013

January's mail

When I had a look at last year's January's mail post  I had to smile because there's such a HUGE difference between the amount of mail I got in January 2012 and in January 2013! Last year I received only 4 pieces of mail, and this year, 17! The difference is crazy, isn't it? Well, I do have more penpals than I had last year, but I think this isn't the main reason to explain that difference. I think it can be explained because last year I mailed out lots of letters during January month, so the replies came through February/March, while this year I sent more mail at the end of December/first week of January so the replies started to come in the end of January. I think this can be a rational explanation :)

So here are the 17 envelopes that fed my mailbox along the month:

17 letters in 31 days means 0.55 letter a day, or a letter every 2 days.
Average distance travelled: 2096.35 km
Longest distance travelled: 9301 km from Santa Rosa, California, USA
Shortest distance travelled: 489 km from Ulm, Germany

I'm so happy to see that there are already 21 people who joined my giveaway! If you aren't among, hurry up, you only have until Saturday to sign up! :)

Wishing you a lovely February

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